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Brad Pitt Parents: Jane Etta Piit and William Alvin Pitt

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Brad Pitt Parents, Jane Etta Piit and William Alvin Pitt

Brad Pitt is one, if not the most, famous name in Hollywood. Yet, despite the glamor of his lifestyle, Brad actually came from humble origins. Learn about the becoming of Brad Pitt through his parents, Jane Etta Hillhouse Pitt and William Alvin Pitt, in this article. Also, find out scoop about Brad Pitt’s siblings.

Mother Jane Etta Hillhouse Pitt Bio

Brad was born to mother Jane Etta Hillhouse Pitt on December 18, 1963, in Oklahoma, United States. Moreover, she also gave birth to Douglas and Julie Pitt. The family grew up in a conservative Christian household. Further, they moved to Springfield, Missouri. They still live in Missouri today.

Brad Pitt's mother, Jane Etta is smiling
Brad Pitt’s mother, Jane Etta, is smiling.

To add, Jane Etta Hillhouse Pitt was born in 1940, and she is eighty-two years old. Moreover, she worked as a school counselor.

Father William Alvin Pitt Bio

Brad Pitt’s father is William Alvin Pitt. Further, William’s father’s name is Alvin in Monroe Pitt, and his mother’s name is Elizabeth Jean Brown.

Moreover, On March 24, 1941, he was born in Shawnee, Oklahoma, United States. Hence, he is 81 years old. His eyes are blue with blond hair like his son Brad. Furthermore, William is a businessman and owns a trucking company.

Brad Pitt with his father, William Alvin Pitt and mother,
Brad Pitt with his father, William Alvin Pitt, and mother, Jane Etta Hillhouse Pitt

Brad Pitt’s parents Love Life.

Not much is known about the love life of Brad’s parents. Yet, what we do know is that Jane and William got married on August 11, 1962, in Jasper County, Missouri, United States.


Brad Pitt’s siblings consist of one brother named Douglas Pitt and Julie Pitt Neal.

Doug is a businessman and investor. Currently, he is the Goodwill Ambassador for the United Republic of Tanzania and started in 2010. Born on November 2, 1966, he is now fifty-five years old. Hence, he is younger than Brad but older than Julie.

Moreover, he is wedded to Lisa Pitt, and they have three children.

Brad Pitt's brother, Douglas Pitt
Brad Pitt’s brother, Douglas Pitt

Douglas Pitt created the organization Care to Learn. It is an organization that aims to help the young and, more specifically, the students.

Julie was born in 1969 and is 53 years old. She works as a set decorator. Moreover, Julie is married to Rob Neal, and they have four children together. She is a regular church-goer and is very active in the church. Additionally, she had done some talks for her church on Christianity.

Moreover, both Julie and Brad are advocates for adoption. Julie adopted two Ethiopian sons. She writes about them and their struggles assimilating to American culture.

Brad Pitt's sister, Julie Pitt with her family
Brad Pitt’s sister, Julie Pitt, with her family

Quick Facts

NameWilliam Bradley Pitt
Date of BirthDecember 18, 1963
Relationship StatusSeparated

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