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Briana Latrise Parents: Kendu Isaacs, Siblings

Image of Briana Latrise

After appearing on ‘Growing Up Hip Hop,’ television star Briana Latrise came into the spotlight.’ Aside from appearing in tv shows, she is also a blogger and photographer.

You can even see her posts on Instagram.

However, aside from glitz and glamor, she has a complicated background. Moreover, with her exciting family, Briana sure has learned from them. Therefore, we’d like for you to check out this article.

Scroll and learn more about Kendu Isaacs and the TV icons.

Briana Latrise’s Parents’ Love Life, Marriage

Image of Briana Latrise
Briana Latrise is an American actress and entrepreneur.

The love life of Briana’s family is quite difficult. The woman herself has three mothers but only considers two as one.

Accordingly, a few sources have said that Briana’s parents have been lovers since her teens. After a few months of Briana’s birth, they parted ways.

Maurine is the ex-wife of Kendu Isaacs. They have been married since the TV star was five. Furthermore, they had two more kids together.

Unfortunately, after eight years, they finally ended the relationship. After a few years, Kendu has wed again.

On December 7, 2003, Kendu married the singer Mary J. Blige. Moreover, Mary treated her then-husband’s kids as her own. Sadly, they divorced in June 2018.

Briana Latrise’s Mother’s short biography

Unfortunately, records of information on Briana’s mother are unknown. However, Maurine Isaacs, her father’s first ex-wife, raised the photographer through childhood.

An unexpected event also led her ex-stepmother to kick her out. They couldn’t stand each other and just tolerated it. As such, their relationship details are pretty questionable.

However, they seem to understand more about her second step-mom, Mary. Thus, they were able to retain a good stepdaughter and stepmother relationship.

Briana Latrise’s Father Kendu Isaacs’ biography

Kendu Isaacs was born on August 14, 1968. Furthermore, he is a well-established producer and manager for the stars. However, he became famous for marrying Mary Blige.

Unfortunately, his details are too few. As such, education and background information is not accessible. Additionally, the father-daughter do not share a happy relationship.

Briana Latrise’s Siblings

As stated earlier, the reality star has two other siblings. Regrettably, the family didn’t reveal most of their information. However, we do have some details on them.

Firstly, both kids are Briana’s half-siblings to Maurine Isaacs. Secondly, she has one brother. His name is Nas Isaacs. Unfortunately, his education or birthdate is not available.

Lastly, Jordan Isaacs is the youngest, born in 2002. She is a young basketball player. No other details are other than what’s mentioned.

Briana Latrise’s Wikipedia – info

Full Name

Briana Latrise Isaacs


August 3, 1986

Age (2022)

34 years old


New York City, New York


Actress, Businesswoman

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