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Cameron Herrin: Cheryl Herrin, Chris Herrin, Siblings.

Image of Cameron Herin, Texas born

Can good looks save someone from the crime that they did? Tiktok users certainly agree that if the convicted is cute, he does not deserve to go to jail. After footage of him at a courthouse, Cameron Herrin became a Tiktok celebrity.

Moreover, the Tampa native was a teenager who killed a young mother and her baby because of an illegal street racing event.

Do you want to learn about Cameron Herrin’s parents, Chris and Cheryl Herrin? Cameron’s parents and family are still surely getting used to it. Read this write-up for more. Also, get to know if he has a brother or sister.

Cameron Herrin’s Parents’ Love Life

Cameron Herrin is born to parents Cheryl and Chris Herrin.

Unfortunately, details about the husband and wife’s love story are unknown.

Moreover, Cheryl and Chris are the parents of Bayshore street racing crash suspect Cameron Herrin.

Furthermore, the Herrin’s did not release any statements during and after the Tampa boy’s sentencing.

The Herrins look like a well-mannered and established family. Their neighbors see them as a family who could not hurt anyone.

Cameron Herrin’s Father, Chris Herrin

Image of Cameron Herrin during his court trial

Cameron Herrin, during his court trial

Cameron’s father is Chis Herrin. Moreover, information about him like his birthday and early life are unavailable.

Furthermore, his LinkedIn account says he graduated from Texas Tech University in 1982.

Additionally, he is also a videographer and editor. He produced and shot different corporate video presentations.

Neighbors describe Chris Herrin as a Mr. Mom since he mostly takes care of his kids. Moreover, people noticed how Chris did his best to have his boys grow up to be fine young men.

Cameron Herrin’s Mother, Cheryl Herrin

Image of Cameron Herrin being emotional in his court trial

Cam was emotional in his court trial.

Cameron’s mother is Cheryl Herrin. Moreover, she worked as an insurance executive.

Furthermore, Cheryl Herrin graduated with a fine arts degree. However, she changed work paths and became the insurance executive of the State Farm Insurance company.

She is also a Texas Tech University, just like her husband.

Moreover, Cheryl became Midlantic Zone’s Company when she was 58 years old.

Cameron Herrin’s Siblings

Cameron Herrin has one brother, whose name is Tristan Herrin. Moreover, Tristan is older than Cameron by two years. They are close as brothers.

During the time of the crash, Tristan was with Cameron. Tristan was in the passenger seat and saw everything.

Cameron Herrin’s Wikipedia – info 

Full Name

Cameron Coyle Herrin

Date of Birth

September 9, 1999



Age (2022)



Chris and Mitzy Herrin


Tristan Herrin

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