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Candice Patton Parents: Arianna Jackson, Paul Patton, Siblings

Image of Candice Patton

“The Flash” is a hit television series that is still ongoing until now, and people are praising celebrities for playing their respective roles in the show. Candice Kristina Patton is one of the cast members of the show.

She was born in Jackson, Mississippi, USA, on June 24, 1988. Candice won a Saturn Award out of four nominations, and fans are eager to see more from the American actress.

If you want to know more about Candice Patton’s Parents, keep reading this article because we have information about the dating history and the Wikipedia-type biography of her mother, father, and siblings.

Candice Patton’s Parents Love Life

Image of Candice Patton with her parents, Arianna Jackson and Paul Patton

Candice Patton with her parents, Arianna Jackson and Paul Patton

The parents of the actress started their love life with a positive attitude. They were happy and motivated during their relationship. Their history began when they saw each other at one of Arianna’s stage performances and later on dated.

After welcoming their first child, Adrian, the couple did not hesitate to marry each other into the world. However, their life went through a rough phase, and they divorced when Candice was five years old.

Indeed, it was a devastating end for the family as their children started as performers. However, Candice still got the chance to grow up with her parents. She would visit her dad sometimes after moving in with her mom.

Candice Patton’s Mother, Arianna Jackson

“It runs in the blood,” in the family of the 33-year-old actress, all of them were deeply connected with theater, music, and acting. Arianna Jackson was a former opera artist, and she played many roles in theater performances during her time.

Candice Patton’s Father, Paul Patton

Image of Candice Patton with her father, Paul Patton

Candice Patton with her father, Paul Patton

Paul Patton, the father of the Saturn Award winner, was a former engineer. He also had a passion for music, making the family more inclined to perform, act, and portray roles in theater shows.

Paul played a significant role in his daughter’s life; an actor could receive many rejections that could ruin her image and career. Still, Candice did not mind the sacrifices as her father continued to be one of her most robust foundations.

Candice Patton’s Siblings

Adrian Patton is the brother of the famous actress, and he also followed the career of his sister. Adrian grew up being a theater artist, and there is no doubt that he would follow her sister’s path because all of them were musically inclined and loved to act.

There was no information on Candice’s brother, but we will update this article once her brother shares more details about him.

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