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Carol Channing Parents: Adelaide Channing, George Channing, Siblings

Image of Carol Channing

Carol Elaine Channing became famous for playing various musical and comedy films. She won many awards that made her famous in her time. One of these awards was the Golden Globe Award, and 1981 was included in the list of American Theater Hall of Fame. She appeared in “The Vamp,” “Show Girl,” and “Lorelei,” which was a musical. She was born on January 31, 1921, in Seattle, Washington.

Keep reading this article because we have information about the dating history, Wikipedia-type biography of Carol Channing’s mother, Adelaide Channing, and father, George Channing. Who are his siblings?

Carol Channing Parents Love Life

Image of Carol Channing
Carol Channing, an American actress, singer, dancer, and comedienne

According to sources, before the birth of Carol Channing, her father changed his surname due to religious reasons. Regarding the history of Carol’s parents, no one knows if the couple was married and decided to have a divorce because some media outlets use Adelaide’s maiden name.

Moreover, the couple raised a talented daughter that made people’s lives happy because of her dazzling appearance and positive attitude in every performance. The broadway star will never be forgotten as she achieved so many awards and milestones in the industry of musical films.

Carol Channing’s Mother, Adelaide Channing

Adelaide Channing has no available information regarding his birthday and birthplace. The only information available about her on the internet is that she is a German Jewish individual. Aside from that, there was no public detail about how she died and where she was buried.

This article will be updated once there is available information about the mother of the Broadway legend.

Carol Channing’s Father, George Channing

The broadway star’s father had a lot of history in the past, including a name change. George Channing was formerly known as George Christian Stucker. On November 21, 1888, he was born in Augusta, Richmond County, George, USA.

Carol’s father was a teacher and trustee of the Christian Science Publishing Society, and most of the meetings of his class were done in San Francisco. At Seattle Star, he became a city editor, and he was also a journalist for the Providence Journal and reporter for Detroit Free Press and Detroit Journal.

George Channing died at the age of 68 on May 29, 1957. The cause of his death is still unknown to this day.

Carol Channing’s Siblings

According to media platforms, George and Adelaide had only one child, and that is the dancer, comedienne, and American performer, Carol Channing.

No news was also released throughout the years if George or Adelaide had had a child with other partners.

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