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Cash Warren: Sue Narramore, Michael Warren, Siblings

Image of Cash Warren

Cash Warren is famous for being Jessica Alba’s fantastic husband. The veteran producer is definitely one of the entertainment industry’s gems when it comes to producing. Moreover, he started as a production assistant before producing and co-producing his films and TV shows.

His talent and skills possibly take after his father, a former actor. Moreover, learn more about Cash Warren’s parents Michael Warren and Sue Narramore, in this write-up. Also, know more about his sister and half-siblings.

Cash Warren Parents Love Life

Cash Warren parents
Cash Warren’s father, Michael Warren(left), and mother, Sue Narramore(right)

Forty-three years old Warren was born to parents Sue Narramore and Michael Warren.

Sue and Michael became husband and wife on September 25th, 1974. Moreover, they had three kids together, one of them being Cash Warren.

Unfortunately, Sue and Michael’s marriage did not last long. Sue and Michael filed for divorce, and they did not state the reason.

After separating, Sue raised her three children on her own.

Additionally, Michael Warren is now a happy husband of a woman named Jenny Palacios.

Father Michael Warren Bio

Image of Cash Warren with his father, Michael Warren
Cash Warren with his father, Michael Warren

Cash Warren’s father is Michael Warren. Moreover, he was born on March 5th, 1946, as Lloyd Michael Warren. The former actor hails proudly from South Bend, Indiana.

He went to South Bend Central High School.

Furthermore, the former actor was also good at sports, allowing him to become a scholar for the University of California. Additionally, he was the team captain of UCLA’s basketball team.

Michael is famous for his role as Bobby Hill in the show Hill Street Blues. Moreover, his role was nominated during the Emmy awards.

Michael also appeared in other shows and movies during his time as an actor.

He is the ex-husband of Sue Narramore. Furthermore, the reason for their divorce is not available.

In addition, Michael’s present wife is Jenny Palacios. Michael and Jenny share two children together.

Mother Sue Narramore Biography

Cash Warren’s mother is the beautiful Sue Narramore. Sue became an American personality after becoming Michael Warren’s wife.

Unfortunately, further details about Sue Narramore’s life are unavailable.

Sue lives in France, which is why Cash often visits her.


The modern family producer has three siblings.

His sister is Kekoa Brianna Warren. Moreover, he has two half-siblings named Makayla Warren and Grayson Andres.

Quick Facts

Full Name

Cash Garner Warren

Date of Birth

January 10, 1979


Film Producer and Businessman

Age (2022)

43 years old


Married to Jessica Alba

Net worth

$50 million


Michael Warren and Sue Narramore

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