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Cassie Ventura Parents: Regina Kydd Ventura, Rodrick Ventura, Siblings.

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Image of Cassie Ventura an American Singer and Song Writer

Cassandra Elizabeth Ventura, more commonly known as Cassie, is a musician, model, and dancer. Furthermore, her debut studio album called Cassie was well-received, and her first film appearance was in Step Up 2: The Streets.

Additionally, you may recognize her from her Calvin Klein modeling gigs and in Adidas and Abercombie & Fitch advertisements.

Fans of her are wondering who Cassie Ventura’s parents and siblings are. Thus, learn about her mother, Regina Kydd, and father, Rodrick Ventura, down below.

Cassie Ventura’s Parents’ Love Life

It is unknown when parents Regina Kydd and Rodrick Ventura married, but it was sometime before 1983.

Moreover, Cassie described them in an interview that her mother was an “army brat” while her father was a “navy brat.”

Additionally, she said that her childhood was fun, and her parents were very encouraging of all her interests. Indeed, Rodrick and Regina are still together today and live happily married.

Cassie Ventura’s Father, Rodrick Ventura

Image of Cassie Ventura with her Father
Cassie Ventura with her Father

Cassie’s father is Rodrick Ventura, born on October 10, 1955, and is currently 66 years old. Furthermore, he is from the Philippines.

As a firefighter and member of an ambulance crew, Rodrick was also a part of the team. After this, he took the time to give back to his community.

Likewise, he volunteered for the Burn Foundation, a non-profit group that helps burn victims. Although, he is a private person and prefers to keep out of the public spotlight on his daughter Cassie.

Cassie Ventura’s Mother, Regina Kydd Ventura

Image of Cassie Ventura with her Mother
Cassie Ventura with her Mother

Rodrick’s beautiful wife, Regina Kydd, was born on February 2, 1958, making her around two years younger than her husband.

Furthermore, many people mistake her name for Stacey Hobson, but her actual maiden name is Regina Kydd.

Likewise, she has Mexican and African-American heritage. Additionally, for her work, she was in the legal field as a paralegal at Embry & Neusner, a law firm based in Groton, Connecticut.

Furthermore, Regina was the key to Cassie getting into the entertainment business. The famous producer Ryan Leslie did agree to make a song for Cassie’s birthday, but it was only when she asked him to.

Cassie got more bookings and opportunities in music, film, modeling, and a lot more money from then on.

Cassie Ventura’s Siblings

According to the sources, Cassie has one sibling. His name is Rodrick Camero Ventura, and he was born on March 6, 1983, making him around three years younger than Cassie.

Additionally, he prefers to keep a low profile and lives in New London, Connecticut.

Cassie Ventura’s Wikipedia – info 

Full NameCassandra Elizabeth Ventura
Date of BirthAugust 26, 1986
Place of BirthNew London, Connecticut, US
Age (2022)35
Relationship statusMarried
SpouseAlex Fine
ChildrenTwo children

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