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Cassie Ventura Parents: Stacey Hobson, Siblings

Image of Cassie Ventura

Casandra Elizabeth Ventura, also known as Cassie Ventura, is a woman with a lot of talent as she is currently a singer, songwriter, dancer, model, and actress.

Indeed, she is a busy woman. Cassie was born in New London, Connecticut, the U.S, on August 26, 1986. The actress is 35 years old and a professional model and record artist.

She began working as a model for department stores in their locality, and from there on, she was able to help her family.

The singer also released her music, making her more famous and idolized by many people.

Keep reading this article because we have information about the dating history, Wikipedia-type biography of Cassie Ventura’s mother, father, and siblings.

Cassie Ventura Parents Love Life

Image of Cassie Ventura's parents in their wedding
Cassie Ventura’s parents in their wedding

The parents of the American model kept their personal lives very private. Even though the actress was raised by her mother alone, Cassie never shared anything about the history of his mother and father. Her mother, Stacey, is quiet about her relationship with the model’s father.

Stacey was challenging to raise Cassie and his brother alone because being a single parent requires a double amount of effort and time. This article will be updated once Stacey and her family releases a love life statement.

Cassie Ventura’s Mother, Stacey Hobson

Image of Cassie Ventura with her mother, Stacey Hobson
Cassie Ventura with her mother, Stacey Hobson

Stacey Hobson is the mother of the 35-year-old actress. Stacey raised a daughter who is hardworking and passionate about her career. Cassie is known to be a jack of all trades celebrity.

She juggled every opportunity that came her way, and she successfully caught them all. The actress is undoubtedly a successful woman today, thanks to her mother, who raised her with a positive attitude.

Cassie Ventura’s Father

Image of Young Cassie Ventura with her father
Cassie Ventura with her father

The biggest mystery in the model’s life is the identity of her father. There was no available information about her father, but sources claim he is Filipino and left his family long ago.

There are also rumors circulating on various social media platforms that Cassie grew up without knowing his biological father, which remains a question for all of her fans.

We will update this article once there is available information regarding the identity of the American actress’ father.

Cassie Ventura’s Siblings

Image of Cassie Ventura with her family
Cassie Ventura with her family

The singer-songwriter had a very close relationship with her brother, Rod Ventura. Although there is little to no detail about her brother, it was evident that Cassie learned how to treat people right and cooperate with those she worked with.

Rod became the foundation of the actress. He guided and supported his sister throughout her journey in different industries.

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