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Catherine Paiz Parents: Johnston Paiz, Catherine Paiz, Siblings

Image of Catherine Paiz

Dolores Catherine Johnston Paiz, now known as Catherine McBroom, is an American social media star, fitness model, YouTuber, and Tv Host.

She is widely known for being a vlogger. She has a YouTube channel with her husband named Austin McBroom, which documents her family called “The ACE Family,” with more than a thousand subscribers.

Additionally, Catherine had first gained prominence when she worked as a model for Victoria’s Secret when she was 16.

After appearing on some runways of Victoria’s Secret, she became more popular to the point that she reached her goal to become one of the top models in her country.

Aside from that, Catherine Paiz was born on the 24th day of August 1990. As of 2022, she is 31 years old.

She came of Panamanian descent. The YouTuber was raised in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, by Johnston Paiz and Catherine Paiz.

She also has three younger siblings, a sister and two brothers named Josh, Ryan, and Valentina.

A lot of Catherine’s fans are wondering about her family background. So, here is some information about her parents and siblings in this article below.

Catherine Paiz Parent’s Love Life and Marriage

Image of Catherine Paiz's parents, Catherine and Johsnton Paiz
Catherine Paiz’s parents, Catherine and Johsnton Paiz

This article does not provide details about the early stages of Catherine Paiz’s parents’ love life as it hasn’t been disclosed to the media yet.

But according to some reliable sources, the two have been happily married to each other for an extended period but later on got divorced due to their reasons.

However, the reason why they got divorced is not revealed yet.

Catherine Paiz’s Mother

Catherine Paiz is also the name of the mother of the famous vlogger Catherine Paiz. After her divorce from his ex-husband, Johnston, the star moved to Tampa, Florida.

She came from Panamanian lineage. Furthermore, she used to work as a salon stylist before.

However, any details about her age and birthday are not accessible online.

Father of Catherine Paiz

Johnston Paiz also came from Panamanian ancestry. He was once a resident of Canada but later moved to Spain after his breakup with his wife, Catherine.

Regrettably, any information about his age, birthday, and profession is not available in the media yet. 

Catherine Paiz’s Siblings

Image of Catherine Paiz's father and brother, Ryan Paiz
The star’s father and brother, Ryan Paiz

As stated by some news, Catherine Paiz has three siblings who are all younger than her; their names are Ryan Paiz, a renowned artist, Valentina, and Joshua, whose information is not revealed to the public yet. 

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