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Cheryl Burke Parents: Sherri Burke, Stephen Burke, Siblings

Image of Cheryl Burke

The American dancer and model, Cheryl Burke, have come so far from being on Dancing With The Stars. Yet, she won the show twice consecutively and is the first one to do so.

Cheryl won back to back in seasons two and three, and she has participated in twenty-three seasons. As a professional dancer, she also participated in Dance Moms in 2017.

Moreover, she has also made guest appearances in TV shows such as The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and Hell’s Kitchen.

So, who are the parents of this truly accomplished woman? Read more about Sherri Burke and Stephen Burke in this article.

Mother of Cheryl Burke, Sherri Burke

Image of Cheryl Burke with her mother, Sherri Burke

Cheryl Burke with her mother, Sherri Burke

Cheryl’s mother is named Sherri Burke, and she is in charge of the Cheryl Burke Dance Network. Sherri is of Filipino blood and is a registered nurse.

Additionally, Sherri studied nursing at San Juan De Dios College in the Philippines. Then, she studied business at Notre Dame de Namur University in the United States.

Moreover, Cheryl is very close to her mother, Sherri. On Twitter, Cheryl writes, “If I were to describe my mother using only one word, the first word that comes to mind is resilience!”

Father of Cheryl Burke, Stephen Burke

Cheryl’s father is named Stephen Burke, and he has Irish and Russian blood. Sadly, Stephen passed away on March 9, 2018.

Yet, Cheryl discovered that she had a long-lost sister on her father’s side. Also, she has openly expressed her love and grief for her lost father.  

Moreover, on Father’s Day in 2018, Cheryl said on Twitter that Father’s Day would never be the same without Stephen.

But then she also expresses her love for her step-father.

So, on Twitter, she wrote, “Thank you for loving me from the start & treating me like your daughter.

You make me so happy & hold such a special place in my heart.”

Additionally, Cheryl’s step-father’s name is Robert Wolf or Bob.

Bob was born on May 14 and took in Cheryl and her mother when Cheryl was very young.

After they married, Cheryl grew up with Bob, and they raised her in the United States.

Cheryl Burke, Siblings

So, Cheryl only found out that she had a long-lost sister at her father’s funeral.

At first, she was skeptical, but when they finally met, it was easy.

Cheryl says that meeting her sister was a surreal experience, and after meeting Ina, it felt like they had known each other their whole lives.

Cheryl Burke’s Wikipedia – info

Name Cheryl Burke
Nationality American
Occupation Dancer, Model, and Host
Age 37

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