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Chris Watts Parents: Cindy Watts, Ronnie Watts, Siblings

Image of Chris Watts

Christopher Lee Watts, 37, was convicted at the Dodge Correctional Institution after confessing his brutal doings in August 2015, which made him responsible for the death of his wife, two toddler children, and an unborn child.

According to the proof provided, Chris Watts took away his wife, Shanann’s, life and buried her in a shallow grave 40 miles away from their hometown.

As well as their children, Bella and Celeste, who were later found in oil storage drums and died four days ago after discovering their corpses.

The guilty husband of Shanann and her three children was born on the 16th day of May 1985 and raised by his religious parents in Spring Lake, North Carolina.

This article will prominently discuss personal information about Chris Watt’s parents, Cindy Watts and Ronnie Watts, and their relationship with their son.

It also includes a piece of information about his older sister.

Chris Watts’ Parents’ Love Life

Image of Christ Watss' parents, Ronnie and Cindy Watts
Christ Watts’ parents, Ronnie and Cindy Watts

Cindy and Ronnie Watts had been married for several decades.

They met and tied knots approximately in the late 70s when they also had their firstborn, Jamie Lyn Williams. Chris’ parents are known for being religious.

However, Ronnie and Cindy are willing to defend him for a lifetime, although he committed the most prohibited sin in every religion, taking someone’s life.

After Chris pleaded guilty, his parents felt devastated but still prayed for his freedom.

Chris Watts’ Father, Ronnie Watts Biography

Ronnie, 66, became known after he made his appearance in the news as Chris’ father.

According to some sources, the murderer’s father works at a large vehicle brand dealership located in Fayetteville. Ronnie has always been close to Chris, so he was the first person to confide in the murder suspect in the early hearings.

After proving Chris’ guilt in his crime, Ronnie comforted him by telling him that they won’t abandon him as the whole family had already forgiven him.

Chris Watts’ Mother, Cindy Watts Biography

Cindy, 65, is a full-time mom of two. Like her husband, she also became known for desperately praying for Chris to plead guilty.

In an interview covered by 9News, Chris’ mother mentioned that his wife and mother couldn’t get along.

Cindy couldn’t “resist” the “bad treatment” Shanann gave to Chris. In addition, she also rejected the people’s criticism of the murder suspect for being a “sociopath.”

After a few years, Cindy couldn’t stop herself from defending her son.

Chris Watts’ Siblings

Jamie Lyn Williams is the older sister of Chris Watts. She is known for having a rebellious life during her youth days and turned out to be a wife and a role model to her kid(s).

Before her brother’s plea deal, Jamie Lyn visited Chris and made a conversation about recent events during his absence, including her birthday.

The next day, she decided not to attend the plea deal and remained silent regarding her brother’s crime.

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