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Christel Khalil Parents: Belita Edwards, Adnan Khalil, Siblings

Image of Christel Khalil with back tattoos

Most celebrities nowadays are hesitant to share the identity of their parents but not Christel Adnana Mina Khalil, also known as, Christel Khalil.

She is a famous actress and tv star known for her different roles in shows and movies. On November 30, 1987, she was born in Los Angeles, California.

We have information about the dating history and the Wikipedia-type biography of Christel Khalil’s mother, father, and siblings.

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Christel Khalil Parents Love Life

Image of Christel Khalil

Christel Khalil

The parents of the award-winning actress are Belita Edwards and Adnana Khalil.

There was no information about the actress’s parents’ history, but it seems like they have been a massive part of the actress’ journey towards acting.

Our team will upload new information about the parents of Christel once there is available information about their love history.

Christel Khalil’s Mother, Belita Edwards

Image of Christell Khalil with her mother, Belita Edwards

Christel Khalil with her mother, Belita Edwards

Little to no information is known about the mother of the tv star.

The mother of the actress has kept her information private for a long time and did not want to reveal her personal life to the public.

Our team’s only information about Belita is that she belonged to the African-American ethnicity.

This article will be updated once the family of Christel has decided to share more updates about her mother.

Christel Khalil’s Father, Adnana Khalil

Just like the mother of the actress, Adnana Khalil, father of Christel, decided not to share any information about him with the public.

Indeed, the family of the movie actress does not want to be involved in the celebrity life of their daughter.

Sourced claimed that Adnana is originally a Pakistani immigrant, and there is no update on his whereabouts.

Our team performed in-depth research, but unfortunately, most information about the actress’ father is not shared on social media platforms.

We will update this article once there is new information about Adnana.

Christel Khalil’s Siblings

The TV star who won many awards has been known to have siblings who became close with her.

Growing up, they have had a strong connection as siblings and protected each other whenever hardships were present in their family. Christel has four other siblings. They are Adam Khalil, Chris Khalil, Alex Khalil, and Aysha.

However, the siblings of the actress seem like they do not want to share their private life with the public.

Information about their educational background, location, and birthdays is still unknown until now.

Our team will try their best to find out more about the brothers and sisters of Christel.

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