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Christopher Reid Parents: Marjorie Wallace, Calvin Reid

The music of the Bronx native rapper Kid or Kid Coolout was the sound of the early 90s. Kid, known officially as Christopher Reid, is the iconic hip-hop musician of the late 80s and early 90s.

Also, his iconic top fade hairstyle separated him from the others at the time. But aside from being a musician, he is also a standup comedian who tours to do shows.

Moreover, Christopher “Kid” Reid also made a name for himself.

Hence, he acted in several movies and TV shows, such as a mini-series based on The Temptations and appearing in Hell’s Kitchen’s iconic cooking show.

Also, Christopher Reid is very proud of his love for his mother. So, he posts about her a lot on his social media accounts.

So, who are Christopher Reid’s parents? Read more about Marjorie Wallace and Calvin Reid here.

Christopher Reid’s Parents’ Love Story

Image of Christopher Reid
Christopher Reid is an American rapper, actor, and comedian.

Calvin and Marjorie married and lived happily together until Marjorie passed away when Kid was only nine years old in an automobile accident.

Moreover, they only had one son who was Christopher Reid.

Then, they raised him in New York before his mother passed away.

Mother of Christopher Reid, Marjorie Wallace

Christopher’s mother is named Marjorie Wallace, and she was born in 1930. Moreover, Marjorie was a caucasian woman with Irish blood.

Additionally, Christopher shares that his mother was a teacher and expressed his respect for teachers, calling them the “first responders” and are in charge of taking care of children.

Unfortunately, there was intense racism in the family of Marjorie. Hence, her Irish parents disapproved of Christopher’s father, Calvin, because he was a Black man.

Then, it got worse when Marjorie got pregnant with Christopher because her parents made her leave the house, and they never spoke again after that.

Yet, Marjorie stood firm in her love for her son and husband. So, she chose them and took care of her family despite the hate and racism Marjorie experienced.

Father of Christopher Reid, Calvin Reid

Christoper’s father was named Calvin Reid, and he had Jamaican ancestry.

Also, Calvin left Jamaica on September 28, 1948, and it took him three days to get from Kingston to Washington. Moreover, this move to the United States happened 74 years ago.

After Calvin’s wife Marjorie died in a car accident, Kid moved in with his father’s extended family in the Bronx.

Then in 2019, Calvin passed away in the hospital accompanied by Christopher.

Christopher Reid’s Wikipedia – info

NameChristopher Reid
OccupationRapper and Actor
Stage NameKid, Kid Coolout

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