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Colin Kaepernick Biological Parents: Heidi Russo, Siblings.

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Image of Colin Kaepernick a former Professional Football Player

Colin Rand Kaepernick is an NFL player who came to worldwide attention after kneeling during the national anthem in protest against police brutality and racism in the United States.

Moreover, former President Donald Trump condemned Kaepernick and stated that players should be “fired” for those kinds of actions. At the end of the season, Colin was out of the 49ers, and no other team was willing to sign him— many think because of political reasons.

Colin Kaepernick’s parents must have been outstanding role models for him to follow. Thus, get to know more about his siblings and biological parents, Heidi Russo and his father, on this page below.

Colin Kaepernick’s Biological Parents Love Life

Colin is the son of Heidi Russo. Moreover, Heidi had him when she was 19-years old, around 1987, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The father of Colin is unknown since he left Heidi even before Colin was born. Thus, Colin’s biological parents didn’t have much of a love life.

Colin Kaepernick’s Father of Colin Kaepernick

Image of Colin Kaepernick a Civil RIghts Activist
Colin Kaepernick, a Civil Rights Activist

The former 49ers’ father’s identity is unknown. Indeed, he left his partner Heidi once he learned that she was pregnant.

However, based on Colin’s heritage, we know that his father was African-American. Although aside from that, there is not much information on him.

Colin Kaepernick’s Mother, Heidi Russo

Image of Heido Russo, Colin Kaepernick Biological Mother
Heidi Russo, Colin Kaepernick Biological Mother

Colin’s biological mother, Heidi Russo, was born sometime around 1968, though the exact date and month are unknown.

Additionally, she was only 19-years old when she gave birth to Colin and had no partner to raise him with. Consequently, she had to give up Colin for adoption since she could not raise him alone at the time.

Colin Kaepernick’s Siblings

Colin is the only son of Heidi Russo and his biological father, but he has step-siblings from his adoptive parents, Teresa and Rick Kaepernick, from where he got his family name from.

Moreover, the Kaepernicks already had two biological children at the start, a pair of girls and boys called Devon and Kyle, respectively.

However, they chose to adopt another child after losing their other sons to heart problems.

Additionally, Heidi later got married to Heath Russo and had three sons. So, Colin has another three step-siblings: Michael, Ethan, and Alex. Although, he is not very close with them.

Colin Kaepernick’s Wikipedia – info 

Full NameColin Rand Kaepernick
Date of BirthNovember 3, 1987
Place of BirthMilwaukee, Wisconsin
Age (2022)34
ProfessionPolitical Activist, former NFL player

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