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Cosmo Dinardo: Sandra Affatato Dinardo, Antonio Tony DiNardo, Siblings.

Image of Cosmo DiNardo

The case of Cosmo DiNardo is possibly the most chilling case of a person who lost to mental health issues. Moreover, he is famous for murdering four boys after selling them Marijuana.

The even was one of Pennsylvania’s insane murder cases. Furthermore, Cosmo is facing life imprisonment for his crime.

Moreover, he was not the only one judged but also his parents.

Read this write-up to learn more about Cosmo DiNardo’s parents, Sandra and Antonio DiNardo. Also, learn about his only sister.

Cosmo Dinardo’s Parents’ Love Life

Image of Cosmo DiNardo

DiNardo was charged and convicted of the murders of four young men in Pennsylvania that occurred back in 2018.

Cosmo DiNardo was born to parents Sandra and Antonio DiNardo. Unfortunately, details on how they met and became a couple are unavailable.

Moreover, Sandra and Antonio are business owners. They own Cosan LLC, a cement and construction company.

Furthermore, Sandra and -are possibly wealthy because they were able to hire a high-profile attorney to represent them.

Sandra and Antonio were called to appear before the grand jury about their son’s case.

In addition, they have been dealing with their son’s crimes.

Furthermore, the parents were criticized for neglecting their son’s mental health needs.

Moreover, a civil lawsuit was filed against them to hold them responsible.

Cosmo Dinardo’s Father, Antonio DiNardo

Cosmo DiNardo’s father is Antonio DiNardo.

Unfortunately, details about his birthday and personal information are unavailable.

Moreover, Antonio was present during his son’s court trials. In addition, he paid 10% of the bail money.

According to Tony, Cosmo was planning on running for Mayor, and everyone in town loved him. Furthermore, Tony also had extra-marital affairs, which affected his son.

Moreover, Tony thought that his son was normal until the incident.

Unfortunately, Tony DiNardo’s present activities are unknown.

Cosmo Dinardo’s Mother Sandra Affatato DiNardo

Cosmo’s mother is Sandra Affatato DiNardo. Unfortunately, details about her early life and birthday are unavailable as well.

Moreover, Sandra must have remorse after her son was arrested. The mother said that she tried to help her son by asking for help from many psychiatrists.

It even went to the point that she had her son exorcised.

Her son disturbed Sandra by being aggressive to her, and he thought that Sandra was poisoning him.

Cosmo Dinardo’s Siblings

Cosmo DiNardo has one sister whose name is Bella DiNardo. Moreover, Bella went to Archbishop Ryan High School.

Unfortunately, other information about Bella is unavailable.

Cosmo Dinardo’s Wikipedia – info

Full Name

Cosmo DiNardo

Date of Birth

January 21, 1997



Age (2022)

25 years old


Sandra Affatato DiNardo and Anotnio Tony DiNardo


Bella DiNardo

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