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Dale Moss Parents: Delores Moss, Dale Sr. Moss, Siblings

Dale Moss is a famous American reality TV personality and a former football wide receiver. He was born on the 24th of September 1988 in Brandon, South Dakota.

He started playing football in high school and played for the Jackrabbits’ team at South Dakota State University.

After completing university, he started playing offshore for teams such as Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Green Bay Packers, Carolina Panthers, Chicago Bears, and Los Angeles Kiss.

Dale was never legally drafted by the National Football League. As a TV personality, he was featured in the 16th season of The Bachelorette, where he eventually ended up getting into an engagement with Clare Crawley.

Unfortunately, the two officially separated in 2021. An interesting fact is that Dale is an ambassador for the Special Olympics.

Here’s everything we need to know about his parents and siblings.

Dale Moss’ Parents’ Love Life

Image of Dale Moss
Dale Moss is an American former football wide receiver and reality television personality.

Delores and Dale Sr. first met when they were college students in Omaha, Nebraska, in the 1970s. They dated for a short period and eventually got married.

The exact date of their marriage has not been revealed. However, they had been together for 40 years before Delores passed away in 2017.

The two were blessed with five children, four daughters, and one son.

Dale Moss’ Mother, Delores Moss’ Biography

Image of Dale Moss with his mother, Delores Moss
Dale Moss with his mother, Delores Moss

Delores Moss was famously known as the mother to celebrity Dale Moss. Her birth date is not publicly known as Dale Ross likes to keep his parents’ information private.

She had an American nationality and was of white ethnicity. Delores was never in touch with her maternal side of the family since they had disowned her after hearing that she was getting married to a black man.

She was married to Dale Sr. for 40 years, and they had five kids together.

Unfortunately, she had been battling health issues for an extended period and passed away in 2017.

Dale loves his mother very much, to the extent that he even dedicated his feature on the 16th season of The Bachelorette to her. Her death made the relationship between her kids stronger as they realized they only had each other.

Dale Moss’ Father, Dale Sr. Moss Biography

Image of Dale Moss' father, Dale Sr. Moss, with his wife, Dolores Moss
Dale Moss’ father, Dale Sr. Moss, with his wife, Dolores Moss

Dale Sr. Moss is popularly known as Dale’s father. He has an American nationality and a mixed African-American ethnic background.

Not much information has been given regarding his educational background.

However, it is alleged that he was a very hard-working man as he ensured that all his kids went to school and were provided with everything they needed.

Dale had an unstable relationship with his kids since he was never fully present during their upbringing.

This affected their relationship with him, and thus they do not have a strong connection. He was married to Delores in the 1970s and had five kids together.

However, her death left him a widower. Dale Sr. loves his kids and tries to show support to them whenever he can despite their previous on-and-off relationships.

Dale Moss Jr.’s Siblings


The star grew up with four sisters: Amber, Robyn, Jessica, and Candace. Robyn works as a real estate agent.

Amber, on the other hand, has a physical disability, and this influenced Dale to join the Special Olympics. Not much information has been revealed about his sisters.

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