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Daveed Diggs Parents: Barbara Needell, Dountes Diggs, Siblings.

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Image of Daveed Diggs an american actor

Daveed Diggs is a rapper and actor most well known as the vocalist of Clipping, which is a hip hop group.

Additionally, he is renowned for his roles in Hamilton, receiving a Grammy and Tony Awards.

Moreover, you may recognize him from the series Black-ish and Blindspotting, which he wrote, produced, and starred in.

Fans of Daveed Diggs are curious to know who his parents are.

So, here is all the information on mother Barbara and father Dountes Diggs and his siblings.

Daveed Diggs’ Parents’ Love Life

Sometime before 1982, Dountes Diggs married Barbara Needell in Oakland, California.

According to the sources, Dountes met Barbara at a club where she was a DJ. From then on, they were dated and got into a relationship.

When they had their son, they decided to call him “Daveed,” which means “David,” but the way it is pronounced in Hebrew.

Likewise, his name means “beloved,” and Dountes decided to replace the “a” with a double “e” because it looked nice.

Furthermore, because of his mixed heritage, Daveed was exposed to different cultures, which certainly helped him in his work in the future.

Finally, both Barbara and Dountes supported their son’s passions.

Although they were not wealthy at the time, they did their best to give a good life to their children.

Daveed Diggs’ Father Dountes Diggs

Image of Daveed Diggs an american rapper and sing-songwriter

Diggs an American rapper and sing-songwriter

Daveed’s father, Dountes, was an African-American. Moreover, he worked in the San Francisco Municipality as a bus driver.

Indeed, he continued to drive buses until sometime in 2018.

Furthermore, Daveed once shared that his father wanted his children to focus on their passions and what they love rather than chasing money.

Daveed Diggs’ Mother, Barbara Needell

Image of Daveed Diggs an american screen writer and producer

Diggs an American screenwriter and producer

Barbara was a white Jew born in 1949 and is presently 73 years old.

Additionally, she graduated from UC Berkeley with a doctorate in social welfare and worked at this university for nearly two decades.

Then, she took on a social worker at the California Child Welfare Indicators Project.

Daveed Diggs’ Siblings

Daveed has one sibling, a brother called Malcolm Diggs. However, there is not much information on his details as he prefers to keep out of the public spotlight.

Although he has a good relationship with his brother Daveed, they were both raised together in Oakland, California.

Daveed Diggs’ Wikipedia – info 

Full Name Daveed Daniele Diggs
Date of Birth January 24, 1982
Place of Birth Oakland, California, US
Age (2022) 40
Relationship status Dating
Spouse Emmy Raver-Lampman
Children No children

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