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David Dobrik Parents: Pavo Dobrik, Siblings.

Image of David Dobrik

David Julian Dobrik is a hugely popular Youtuber and general media personality online.

Moreover, the first started gaining attention by posting comedy clips on Vine before moving to Youtube and starting a vlog series with The Vlog Squad.

Additionally, David’s channel has over 18 million subscribers and is among the most viewed creators on the platform.

People are wondering who the parents of this content creator are. So, here are all the information on

David Dobrik’s Parents’ Love Life

Image of David Dobrik
David Dobrik, an Internet personality

Pavo married his wife, whose name is unknown in Slovakia. Then, they had their first child, David, on July 23, 1996. Then, they moved to Vernon Hills, Illinois, when their son was about six years old.

At first, David’s parents weren’t sure about what he was doing in his life. Indeed, at the time, it was a difficult path, and they wanted David to go back to studying instead.

However, once the Youtuber showed them that he was thriving and could support himself, Pavo and his wife were much more comfortable with the idea.

Consequently, they are more open to David’s career as a Youtuber and content creator but still care for him as parents.

David Dobrik’s Father, Pavo Dobrik

Image of David Dobrik with his father, Pavo Dobrik
David Dobrik with his father, Pavo Dobrik


David’s father, Pavo Dobrik, is originally a native of Slovakia but moved to the United States later on. Additionally, Pavo works as a photographer and is a family man.

He occasionally appears in David’s videos. Likewise, one notable moment was when he surprised Pavo with his dream car, a gorgeous blue BMW M2.

Indeed, Pavo was pleased to receive the car and thanked his son for it with a hug.

David Dobrik’s Mother

With regards to his mother, her identity and name are not known. Likewise, she prefers to stay out of the camera and rarely appears on David’s vlogs.

Nevertheless, she takes care of her children in Vernon, Illinois.

David Dobrik’s Siblings

Image of David Dobrik with his siblings
David Dobrik with his siblings

According to the sources, David has three siblings, and he is the oldest among them.

Moreover, they are named Toby, Sara, and Ester, and they were all raised together in Chicago, Illinois.

However, their parents don’t allow them to watch David’s videos because he swears too much.

Nevertheless, David has featured them in some of his videos in a question-and-answer format.

David Dobrik’s Wikipedia – info 

Full Name

David Julian Dobrik


Internet Personality

Date of Birth

July 23, 1996

Place of Birth

Kosice, Slovakia

Age (2022)


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