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Deorr Kunz Jr. Parents: Jessica Mitchell, Vernal DeOrr Kunz, Siblings.

Image of Deorr Kunz Jr. the boy who disappeared at the age of 2

DeOrr Kunz Jr. is a two-year-old boy who mysteriously disappeared while camping with his parents, great-grandfather, and family friend.

Until today, the poor little boy has not yet been found.

His parents, Jessica Mitchell and Vernal DeOrr Kunz, and others, were the last people with him. Learn more about them in this write-up. Also, get to know if he has any siblings.

Deorr Kunz Jr.’s Parents’ Love Life.

Image of Deorr Kunz Jr. Parents
The boy’s Parents

The missing baby was born to parents Jessica Mitchel and Vernal DeOrr Kunz Sr.

However, there are no available write-ups and interviews that talk about how they met when they got married.

They are famous for being the parents of a two-year-old boy who suddenly disappeared from a camping site.

Moreover, both parents were primary suspects for their son’s disappearance. However, they were never really charged.

Deorr Kunz Jr.’s Father, Vernal DeOrr Kunz

Kunz Jr.’s father is Vernal DeOrr Sr. 

Information about him and his early life are unknown. According to reports, his statements were unclear, and he had less truthful results during the Polygraph examinations.

Furthermore, Vernal said he drove to the nearest highway to get a signal to call for help.

In addition, he is the main suspect in his son’s disappearance. According to their friend, Vernal was not with Jessica during their hike in the woods, but he stayed behind with his son.

He is now separated from his former wife.

Deorr Kunz Jr.’s Mother, Jessica Mitchell

The kid’s mother is Jessica Mitchell. Information about her birthday and personal life are unavailable.

Moreover, Jessica remarried a few years after her son’s disappearance.

On the day of their son’s disappearance, Jessica was with her ex-husband, a family friend, and her ex-husband’s great-grandfather.

Furthermore, she and her ex-husband decided to walk into the woods. However, when they went back to the campsite, DeOrr was no longer there.

Jessica called emergency services and reported her son missing.

During an interview with the local news, Jessica said she still believes she and her ex-husband are innocent. In addition, she said that she is trying to pick herself up, and she is now happy.

Deorr Kunz Jr.’s Siblings

DeOrr Jr. does not have any reported siblings. Moreover, his mom remarried but did not reveal if she has a kid with her new partner.

Deorr Kunz Jr.’s Wikipedia – info

Full Name

DeOrr Kunz Jr.

Date of Birth

December 30, 2012



Age (2022)

Two years old during his disappearance.


Jessica Mitchell and Vernal Kunz Jr.



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