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Dustin Diamond Parents: Jaimee, Mark Diamond, Siblings.

Image of Dustin Diamond

Dustin Neil Diamond is an actor and comedian well-known for his appearance in Saved by the Bell. Moreover, he is a stand-up comedian and performs shows.

Additionally, he has also appeared in series such as The Weakest Link. Interestingly, he loves professional wrestling and even appeared in the WWE.

Diamond died in February 2021 after doctors identified a type of cancer in his lungs the month prior.

However, it was already staged four at that point, and he only finished a round of treatment before dying of the disease.

In light of Dustin’s death, many want to know more about his family background and history.

Thus, here are the parents and siblings of Dustin Diamond, Jaimee, and Mark Diamond.

Dustin Diamond’s Parents’ Love Life

Image of Dustin Diamond

Dustin Diamond, an American actor, and stand-up comedian

Jaimee and Mark Diamond had their son on January 7 in San Jose, California.

Likewise, Dustin’s parents raised him in a Jewish household. Additionally, they sent Dustin to study at the Zion Lutheran School.

Moreover, Dustin shared that he started acting at eight years old, and his parents supported him early on.

However, working long hours as a child had terrible effects on Dustin once he grew up.

Dustin Diamond’s Father, Mark Diamond

Mark Diamond, father of late comedian and actor, Dustin Neil Diamond, was in the electronics industry.

Moreover, he specialized in digital electronics and shared his learnings with a computer firm.

Additionally, Mark appeared once in Saved by the Bell, which his son is most famous for.

Dustin Diamond’s Mother, Jaimee Diamond

Jaimee was the mother of Dustin Diamond and worked at the Pacific Bell Telephone Company, which offers telephone services in California.

Specifically, she worked as a computer operator for the company. However, Jaimee passed away in 1996 after struggling with breast cancer.

Dustin Diamond’s Siblings

According to the sources, Dustin had one sibling, an elder brother named Ryan.

However, Ryan died at eight years old because of a heart problem. Moreover, Dustin had no children himself.

Indeed, he and his ex-wife Jennifer Misner went through a problem with the pregnancy.

Though Dustin had a lot of controversies over his career, such as a sex tape and a book he regrets making, many remember him fondly as Screech from Saved by the Bell.

Dustin Diamond’s Wikipedia – info 

Full Name

Dustin Neil Diamond


Actor, comedian

Date of Birth

January 7, 1977

ace of Birth

San Jose, California, US

Age (2022)


Relationship status



Jennifer Misner

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