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Dustin Johnson Parents: Kandee Johnson, Scott Johnson, Siblings

Image of Dustin Johnson

Many talented stars today were influenced by their parents regarding their careers. One of them is Dustin Johnson.

He was born in Columbia, South Carolina, on June 22, 1984. He stands 6 feet and 4 inches and has played professional golf for a long time.

The American golf player started in 2007 when he participated in the PGA Tour.

To know more about Dustin’s family, keep reading this article because we have information about the love history and the Wikipedia-type biography of Dustin Johnson’s mother, father, and siblings. Keep reading this article!

Dustin Johnson Parents Love Life

Image of Dustin Johnson with his brother, Austin Johnson
Dustin Johnson in one of his games

The professional player had a rough childhood since his parents divorced in the late 90s.

His father, Scott, got custody of him and his sister after the divorce, but like every child, he often visited his mother to make sure that he experienced having a mother while growing up.

Some consequences hit the American player hard, the divorce made him miss many days in school, and his grades were average.

Dustin Johnson’s Mother, Kandee Johnson

Our team’s only information about Kandee is that she is currently working for the State.

Aside from that, there is no available information about the personal details of Kandee Johnson.

This article will be updated once the mother of Christina has decided to share more updates about herself.

Dustin Johnson’s Father, Scott Johnson

Scott was very proud of teaching his son how to play golf at a young age. He was a golf player and later decided to pursue being the professional head golfer at Mid Carolina Club and started his own business with Kandee.

Unfortunately, our team researched the star player’s father, but no information is shared on social media platforms.

We will update this article once there is new information about Scott.


Dustin Johnson’s Siblings

Image of Dustin John with his brother, Austin Johnson
Dustin John with his brother, Austin Johnson

The 37-year -old American professional golf player, has a good relationship with his siblings. Dustin has two siblings, Laurie Johnson and Austin Johnson.

People are wondering who the caddie of the golf player is because they look alike. If you think that is Austin, then you are right.

Austin is the younger brother of the golf star, and he has been with his brother’s game for

almost his entire career. This shows how good their relationship is with each other.

In 2013, Austin entered the College of Charleston and successfully got a degree in pharmaceutical sales.

As for Laurie, there was no information available on the internet regarding her details. We will update this article once she decides to share her information.

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