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Elisa Lam Parents: Yinna Lam, David Lam, Siblings

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Elisa Lam Parents, Yinna Lam, David Lam, Siblings

The incident of Elisa Lam and Cecil Hotel will forever haunt many memories. However, it’s not just Elisa that received the impact that day. Her parents and siblings were also immensely affected.

Moreover, no one can bear to lose a child and a sister all in a span of a few days. After Elisa’s demise, what happened to her parents? How are they now?

Keen to learn more about Elisa Lam’s parents Yinna and David Lam? Keep on scrolling through this article to find out and read about Elisa’s sister Sarah Lam.

Elisa Lam Parents Love Life

Yinna and David’s love story is not available anywhere. However, according to sources, Elisa’s parents, David and Yinna, immigrated from China to Canada. Moreover, they had two beautiful daughters. However, one of them passed away after being found dead inside a hotel’s water tank.

Father David Lam Biography

David Lam is of Chinese descent. He originally came from China but immigrated to Canada with his family to get a better shot at life.

Furthermore, he runs a restaurant at Burnaby with his wife.

Moreover, after What happened to Elisa Lam, he and his wife filed a case to sue Cecil’s hotel. However, the judge rejected the case.

Late Elisa Lam's father, David Lam

Late Elisa Lam’s father, David Lam

Up until today, the Lam family has kept a low profile. Not many know where they are now and what they are up to.

Additionally, it looks like the family has already moved on with their lives.

Unfortunately, there are no updated details regarding David Lam.

Mother Yinna Lam Biography

Yinna Lam is of Chinese descent, much like her husband. Moreover, she runs a restaurant with her husband in Burnaby, British Columbia.

Elisa Lam with her mother, Yinna Lam and sister, Sarah Lam

Elisa Lam with her mother, Yinna Lam, and sister, Sarah Lam

Unfortunately, further details about her and her life are unavailable. She and her family went low profile after their case was rejected.

Elisa Lam Siblings

Elisa Lam has one sibling, her sister Sarah Lam. According to reports and interviews, Sarah and Lisa were close. Furthermore, they shared the same love and interest for fashion.

Sarah was always the person Lisa confided with.

Moreover, she and her parents would often get updates from Lisa before her death.

Unfortunately, there’s no information available about Sarah Lam as of 2022. Additionally, it is not known whether or not Sarah finished college. 

Quick Facts

Full Name Elisa Lam
Date of Birth April 30, 1991
Age (2022) would have been 30 years old
Date of Death February 1, 2013
Profession Student
Parents Yinna Lam and David Lam

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