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Elvis Presley Parents: Gladys Presley, Vernon Presley, Siblings

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Image of the King of rock and roll Elvis Presley

The King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley, gave us some of the most legendary music.

The superstar’s music rings throughout history as one of the greatest. So, who is his biggest inspiration?

Read about his mother, Gladys Love Presley, and his father, Vernon Presley.

Elvis Presley’s Mother Gladys Love Presley

Elvis’ mother is named Gladys Love Smith Presley. Moreover, she was born in Mississippi on April 25, 1912. She was born to her father, Bob, and mother, Doll Smith, in Pontotoc County.

Moreover, Gladys Love was of Scottish-Irish and French Norman ancestry. Additionally, she was the daughter of a cotton farmer in Mississippi.

Elvis was Glady’s only son after Elvis’ twin brother died. Elvis was known for being very close and loving to Gladys’s mother.

So, because Elvis was her only son, Gladys was very overprotective of him.

Elvis Presley’s father, Vernon Presley

On April 10, 1916, Vernon Presley was to father Jesse Dunnan McClowell Presley and mother Minnie Mae Hood. Also, He is from Fulton, Mississippi.

Moreover, Vernon says that no one was poorer than him and Gladys at the time of her pregnancy.

He was fearful that he could not manage the financials for his family. But despite this, he was pleased and excited to have children.

Furthermore, Vernon built where Elvis was born with his brother and father. They made a house beside a highway in Alabama.

Additionally, the house did not have electricity because they could not afford it. Also, it was a straightforward house without even plumbing.

Elvis Presley’s Parents’ Love Story

Image of the American singer Elvis Presley with his parents Vernon and Gladys

American singer Elvis Presley with his parents, Vernon and Gladys

Gladys and Vernon met at church when they were young. To add, Vernon was underage when they met. So, Vernon was only 17 years old, and she was four years older.

Then, in June 1993, they ran away to the County of Pontotoc, where no one knew them. In this town, they lied about their ages to get married.

While Vernon pretended to be 22, Gladys pretended to be 19 years old. So, they got married, and Gladys lied about her age for most of her life.

Then a year later, Gladys became pregnant, and Elvis Aaron and his brother Jesse Garon were born on January 8, 1935.

Elvis Presley’s Siblings

Elvis had one brother named Jesse Garon Presley. Additionally, they were twins, born only 35 minutes apart.

Jesse Garon dead at birth, and Elvis lived as an only child. But sadly, Jesse Garon died before he got to grow up.

Elvis Presley’s Wikipedia – info 

Name Elvis Aaron Presley
Occupation Singer and Actor
Date of Birth January 8, 1935
Date of Death August 16, 1977

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