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Emma Roberts Parents: Kelly Cunningham, Eric Roberts and Siblings

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Emma Roberts Parents, Kelly Cunningham, Eric Roberts

Emma Roberts is a name that many of us see on the silver screen. Who are the parents behind the talented actress? Read about Emma’s mother, Kelly Cunningham, and father Eric Roberts here. Let us also find out if the 31-year-old American star has siblings.

Mother Kelly Cunningham

Kelly Cunningham is the mother of actress Emma Rose Roberts. She is 52 years old, but her exact date of birth is not known. Kelly grew up in America. Additionally, She is 5 feet and 10 inches or 1.78 meters.

Emma Roberts with her mother, Kelly Cunningham

She has two daughters, Emma and Grace. Emma’s father is actor Eric Roberts. Meanwhile, Grace’s father is Kelly Nickels. Hence, they are only half-sisters.

Moreover, she works as a movie producer for small films. Some movies she worked on include Billy Club (2013) and Silent Love Stories II (2018).

Father Eric Roberts

Eric Roberts is an actor born on April 18, 1956. Additionally, Eric is from Mississippi, United States. Currently, he is married to Elizabeth Roberts in 1992. A year after Emma was born.

Emma Roberts' father, Eric Roberts
Emma Roberts’ father, Eric Roberts

Moreover, Eric was in movies such as King of the Gypsies (1978).  He won a Golden Globe Award nomination for this movie. To add, he made several movies and television shows over the past years. He has a few audio dramas as well. Furthermore, his most recent movie was released in 2021.

Emma Roberts Parents Love Story

Sadly, Kelly and Eric Roberts’ love story did not last long. The two went their separate ways when Emma was young. Kelly and Eric were never married, but they had beautiful Emma on February 10, 1991. Additionally, they lived together for a short time while they were dating.

Aunt Julia Roberts

Emma Roberts is related to the famous Julia Roberts. Julia Roberts is the sister of Emma’s father, Eric Roberts. Emma and Julia are close. Moreover, Emma looks up to her Aunt Julia as an inspiration for her career in acting.

Emma Roberts with her aunt, Julia Roberts
Emma Roberts, along with her aunt, Julia Roberts, a famous personality

Furthermore, Julia and Eric’s relationship is not as smooth. Kelly and Eric Roberts were fighting over custody for their daughter Emma, Julia sided with Kelly. This is because of mentions of abuse against Emma’s father. When Julia did this, it ruined her relationship with her brother.

Emma Roberts Sibling

Emma Roberts’ half-sister is Grace Nickels. She is 21 years old and was born on January 16, 2001. They are half-sisters with different parents. Yet, they have been close since Grace was born. Additionally, They grew up together.

Emma Roberts with her sister, Grace Nickels
Emma Roberts taking a selfie with her sister, Grace Nickels

Quick Facts

NameEmma Rose Roberts
Age31 years old
Date of BirthFebruary 10, 1991
Siblings1 Sister (Grace Nickels)

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