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Essence Atkins Parents: Sandy Nelson, Geoffrey Atkins, Siblings

Image of Essence Atkins

Essence Uhura Atkins started her career by appearing in sitcoms. She has become a regular actress for television comedy series after her appearance on Under One Roof and Smart Guy. The actress is still active in the showbiz industry and can be seen on a few television shows. She was born in Brooklyn, New York, on February 7, 1972.

This article will explore all the information about the Wikipedia-like biography and love history of Essence Atkins’ mother, father, and siblings. Keep reading this article because we have the details you need!

Essence Atkins’ Parents Love Life

Image of Essence Atkins

Essence Atkins, a well-known actress

There was no information revealed about the love history of Sandy Nelson and Geoffrey Atkins, but it seems like they have loved each other for a long time; judging by the few pictures posted on social media platforms.

Essence was raised alone by her parents since she was an only child. She grew up being a well-mannered and kind individual to her fellow artists in the acting industry.

Essence Atkins’ Mother, Sandy Nelson

The television actress’ mother, Sandy Nelson, has no information on social media platforms. Her family did not reveal her details, and her whereabouts are unknown up to this day. We will update this article once she has decided to disclose her life and career information.

Essence Atkins’ Father, Geoffrey Atkins

The father of the long-time actress has a Twitter account that is still active as of the moment. He always shares updates about his life and the events in his life. On a tweet, last February 9, 2022, Geoffrey tweeted about the 50th birthday celebration of his one and only daughter, Essence.

Personal details of Geoffrey were not revealed to the public. Even his birthday was not available on the internet. We will try to update this article once the family has decided to share something about his details.

Essence Atkins’ Siblings

Does Essence have siblings? The answer is no. The talented actress revealed before in interviews that she is the only child of Sandy Nelson and Geoffrey Atkins. Indeed, she was spoiled with love and attention when she was young.

Her parents supported her throughout her journey. Even his father’s social media accounts show that he is a proud father of Essence. However, some controversies have appeared before, and it is not new to the actress as she knows that showbiz is filled with issues.

There are rumors that she has a twin sister, but the person was not revealed, and there is no evidence that supports the allegation.

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