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Eva Pilgrim Parents: In-Sook Gayle, Tim Pilgrim, Siblings

The world of journalism is filled with people who brought their inspiring stories together with their talent in writing and speaking. Eva Pilgrim is a well-known Korean journalist currently working in ABC News as a correspondent.

She was born in Seoul, South Korea, on August 30, 1982. However, before being recognized as a great journalist, Eva’s career began by being a web producer.

If you want to know more about the information of Eva Pilgrim’s mother, father, and siblings, their Wikipedia-like biography, and love history, keep reading this article because we have the information you need!

Eva Pilgrim’s Parents’ Love Life

Image of Eva Pilgrim
EvaPilgrim, Korean-born American reporter, host, and newscaster who regularly appear on ABC News.

As much as our site wants to share more details about the love history of Gayle and Tim, there was no information revealed regarding their love life. The journalist was raised in a well-off family since they could move to the United States of America after residing in Seoul, South Korea.

Eva Pilgrim’s Mother, In-Sook Gayle

Image of Eva Pilgrim with her mother, In-Sook Gayle
Eva Pilgrim with her mother, In-Sook Gayle

The correspondent’s mother still looks charming even though she has three children. In-Sook Gayle was not yet ready to share her details with people. She wants to keep her life private at the moment.

She decided to pursue working in a nursing home, which made her extra careful ever since the pandemic. We know about the news anchor’s mother because she is lovely and loves to go on travels with Eva.

Eva Pilgrim’s Father, Tim Pilgrim

Tim Pilgrim took care of his family so much, and it is not questionable since he served in the army for some time. After the ABC News correspondent was born in South Korea, the family decided to move to the US.

The young actress stated in an interview that they moved to South Carolina because that is where her father’s extended family lived.

Eva Pilgrim’s Siblings

Image of Eva Pilgrim with her siblings
Eva Pilgrim with her siblings

Though it was not discussed on shows more often, the news correspondent has two siblings. She has a younger sister named Sherry and a younger brother named Sean.

The personal details of Eva’s siblings were not disclosed to any social media platforms or media outlets.

Still, people claim that their relationship with each other is just at the right level. Few pictures were shared on the internet, people do not see them hang around with each other or even talk on their social media accounts.

However, people should not judge them based on their social media activity since they want to keep their lives lowkey.

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