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Fred Armisen Parents: Hildegardt Mirabal, Hildegardt Mirabal

Image of Fred Armisen

Today, the award-winning actor and comedian Fred Armisen is a famous name in Hollywood. The actor has been nominated for an Emmy Award three years in a row, starting in 2012, for his incredible writing skills.

Moreover, he received a Grammy Award nomination for his musical skills since he made an album for a movie in 2019.

Also, he won two Peabody Awards for his work in comedy.

So, who are the parents behind thi incredibly talented actor, writer, musician, and comedian?

Read more about Hildegardt Mirabal and Fereydun Armisen in this article.

Fred Armisen’s Parents’ Love Story

Image of Fred Armisen

Fred Armisen is an American actor, comedian, writer, producer, and musician.

There is not much knowledge about the love life of the parents of Fred Armisen. But we know that they had Fred on December 4, 1966.

Fred Armisen’s Mother, Hildegardt Mirabal

Image of Fred Armisen with his mother, Hildegardt Mirabal

Fred Armisen with his mother, Hildegardt Mirabal

Fred’s mother is named Hildegardt Mirabal, and she is a teacher as a profession. Additionally, she was a school teacher.

Moreover, she was born in San Fernando de Apure, Venezuela but moved to the United States to have a family.

Fred Armisen’s Father, Fereydun Armisen

Fred’s father’s name is Fereydun Armisen, and he worked for a bank. Moreover, he is of German and Korean ancestry.

Moreover, on Fred’s father’s family tree, there is Asian heritage. So, for almost 50 years, he believed that his grandfather was Korean.

Also, he had known his grandfather to be ​​Ehara Masami, or by his alternate name Masami Kuni. Additionally, Masami was a dancer and choreographer.

Moreover, he was famous in his day and was even on the Tonight’s Show on April 2, 1963.

Also, Kuni went to Japan and saw that his grandfather had an exhibit in his name. Fred says that it was the first time he cried in a long time when he found out this information.

He adds that he is not a crier, but he shed some tears at the exhibit. Later they found out that his grandfather was a spy who gathered information on Southern European and Turkish affairs.

Also, Fred finds this out in “Finding Your Roots.” Furthermore, he found out that Kuni was not Japanese but Korean.

So, he fled Korea after the war and changed his name for his safety.

He finished his studies in Japan under his new name Ehara Masami, but his original name was Korean.

Fred Armisen’s Siblings

Fred Armisen does not have any siblings. He was the only child of Fereydun and Hildegardt.

Fred Armisen’s Wikipedia – info

Name Fereydun Robert Armisen
Age 55 years old (as of 2022)
Occupation Actor, Comedian, Writer, and Musician
Nationality American

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