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French Montana Parents: Khadija Guled, Abdela Kharbouch, Siblings

Image of French Montana, Born in Morocco

French Montana, also known as Karim Khabouch, was born on November 9, 1984. The rapper and music producer was born and raised in Casablanca, Morocco.

When Montana was 13 years old, his family decided to move to the US, for which they knew that there would be more opportunities for them waiting there.

After years of hard work, Montana has a successful career in music, especially in the genre of rap.

French Montana also established his own company called the Coke Boys Records and was announced to be the next owner of Cocaine City Records.

With his artistry in making music, Montana had his first breakthrough in 2010, and his album sold millions all over the world; the album that led to his first success is known as the Choppa Choppa Down.

Montana is the eldest among three children of Khadija Guled and Abdela Khabouch.

According to some reports, the Moroccan-American rapper was alleged to have many cases regarding sexual abuse, rape, and different illegal sexual works.

However, the rapper denied all allegations about him regarding these matters.

To know more details about French Montana’s parents’ biography and love life, continue to read the article below.

French Montana parents’ love life

Details about French Montana’s parents’ early marriage years are unknown to the public, but according to the rapper, they emigrated to the US when he was just 13 years old. He initially grew up in Casablanca, Morocco.

The rapper also shared that his family is not close to each other.

He even mentioned that his father left them when he returned to Morocco, leaving all his children in his mother’s care.

Khadija raised her three children alone and mostly got her financial support from the government.

Khadija Guled and Abdela Kharbouch did not have any great relationship throughout their marriage, and the rapper’s parents were separated in 1998.

After Abdela Khabourch left his children and his wife in the States, French Montana decided to replace his father’s role, and since then, Montana has supported his family at a very young age.

French Montana’s mother: Khadija Guled

Image of French Montana a Moroccan-American Music Artist

French Montana, a Moroccan-American Music Artist

Khadija Guled is the mother of French Montana. There is little information that is known about the rapper’s mother.

But according to reports, ever since she was left by her husband and went back to Morocco, Khadija raised her children on her own. She only got financial support from the government.

French Montana’s father : Abdela Kharbouch

Image of French Montana a Moroccan-American Rapper

Montana, a Moroccan-American Rapper

Abdela Kharbouch is the father of French Montana. He abandoned his family in the States and went back to Morocco for unknown reasons. According to sources, he was a hustler and jailed several times.

However, after years of separation from his family, French Montana reunited with his father during a concert in Morocco and had a great time.

French Montana’s sibling

French Montana is the eldest among three children of Khadija and Abdela Khabouch. His siblings’ names are Zack and Ayoub Kharbouch.

They all settled in the South Bronx and were raised there. Zack Khabouch is the second child, and he works with Montana’s Coke Boys Records and dated several music artists.

Ayoub Khabouch is the youngest of siblings. There is no information known regarding the youngest, but it is confirmed that all siblings are close with each other.

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