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Gabby Thomas Parents: Jennifer Randall, Desmond Thomas, Siblings.

Women athletes dominate the world of sports today, and Gabby Thomas is one of them. Gabby is a track-and-field star who is also the third-fastest woman. Moreover, she also bagged bronze in the Summer Olympics in 2020.

The athlete’s parents couldn’t be even more proud of their daughter’s success.

Are you keen to learn more about Gabby Thomas’ parents, Desmond Thomas and Jennifer Randall?

Read more here to know and also learn about the star’s siblings.

Gabby Thomas’ Parents’ Love Life

Image of Gabby Thomas
Gabby Thomas is an American track-and-field athlete. She is the third-fastest woman of all time in the 200 meters.

Gabrielle “Gabby” Thomas was born to parents Desmond Thomas and Jennifer Randall.

Moreover, Desmond and Jennifer met at Duke University. After getting married, Desmond and Jennifer moved to Atlanta and welcomed their twins.

Unfortunately, Jennifer and Desmond divorced when Gabby and her brother were still four years old.

Their daughter did not reveal the reason for their divorce.

Although separated, both parents still worked together to raise their children. Both of them also show their support to their kids.

Gabby Thomas’s Father, Desmond Thomas

Image of Gabby Tomas with her siblings and her father, Desmond Thomas
The Olympian with her siblings and her father, Desmond Thomas

Gabby Thomas’ father is Desmond Thomas. Moreover, Desmond is Jamaican. Unfortunately, further information about him is unavailable.

Despite being lowkey, Gabby’s father is undoubtedly proud of Gabby and her achievements.

Gabby Thomas’ Mother, Jennifer Randall

Image of Gabby Thomas with her mother, Jennifer Randall
With her mother, Jennifer Randall

The olympian is with her mother, Jennifer Randall. Moreover, she is an American citizen.

Unfortunately, information and details about her early life are unknown.

It seems like Jennifer is staying away from the limelight.

However, it does not stop her from showing her care and support to her daughter.

It was natural for Jennifer, as she had always supported her daughter’s track career.

She already saw Gabby’s talent when she was young. Jennifer even said that Gabby wanted to play softball, but she saw her daughter’s talent for running.

Jennifer prefers to be on her own during her daughter’s games. She often gets nervous when her daughter is out on the track.

In addition, Jennifer said that her daughter’s smile after winning bronze in the Olympics was full of joy. She loves seeing her daughter smile.

Gabby Thomas’ Siblings

Image of Gabby Thomas with her family
The olympian with her family

The athlete has a twin brother whose name is Andrew Thomas. According to his Instagram biography, Andrew is a Digital artist, and he posts his artworks on his website.

Moreover, she also has two other younger siblings. Unfortunately, further information about her other two siblings is unavailable.

Gabby Thomas’ Wikipedia – info

Full NameGabrielle Thomas
Date of BirthDecember 7, 1996
ProfessionTrack-and-field Athlete
Age (2022)25 years old
MotherJennifer Randall
FatherDesmond Thomas
SiblingsAndrew Thomas and two other siblings

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