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Gabi Wilson Parents: Agnes Wilson, Kenny Wilson, Siblings

Image of Gabi Wilson, also known as H.E.R

Gabi Wilson, also known as H.E.R., is an American-Filipino R&B singer based in the U.S. The singer was born on June 27, 1997. Her fame was not expected, but the singer had previously worked hard and became a hopeful singer.

HER means Having Everything Revealed. According to her fans and even the singer, she chose the name that resonates with her personality.

She was born into a simple and supportive family. Both of her parents inspired the 24-year-old, and they are proud that Gabi has reached monumental success in her career.

HER’s parents’ names are Agnes and Kenny Wilson. Initially, Gabi’s real name was Gabriella Sarmiento Wilson.

She has loved music from a very young age. In her teenage years, Gabi was active in T.V. shows on Nickelodeon, and then she got hired and signed a contract with music labels which allowed her to make more music. She released her famous album called EP HER Volume 1.

Gabi also was nominated for five Grammys for song of the year and album of the year entitled Hard Place.

With the singer’s hard work, she won her first Grammy award for I can’t breathe and an Academy Award for Best Original Song for Fight for you.

To know more details about the rapper and singer-songwriter Gabi Wilson’s parents’ biography and career love, continue to read the article below.

Gabi Wilson’s Parents’ love life

Image of Gabi Wilson
As famous as H.E.R, Gabi Wilson is a well-known Filipino-American RnB singer and songwriter.

There is little information about Gabi Wilson’s parents’ love life. However, according to sources, both of her parents came from different cultures.

Gabi Wilson’s mother came from the Philippines and worked in the States, while her father is an African-American who also works in the same country.

It is assumed that her parents of Wilson met in the States, and they have dated before getting married.

After being pregnant with Gabi, they raised their children in Vallejo, California.

According to the singer, she incorporates and always showcases her true identity regarding her roots, particularly Filipino culture.

She is both close with her parents, and they have a great relationship with each other.

Gabi Wilson’s mother: Agnes Wilson

Image of Gabi Wilson with her mother, Agnes Wilson
Gabi Wilson with her mother, Agnes Wilson

Agnes Wilson, also known as Agnes Caroline Kindersley, is from the Philippines. There is no personal information gathered about Gabi’s mother.

However, according to the singer, she admired her mother’s work, mainly how dedicated Agnes is to being a health worker in the States. She currently works as a nurse in a rehab center.

Agnes Wilson also joined her daughter in the Oscar event, where Gabi won one of the prestigious awards for the music industry.

Gabi Wilson’s father: Kenny Wilson 

Image of Gabi Wilson with her parents, Agnes and Kenneth Wilson
Gabi Wilson with her parents, Agnes and Kenneth Wilson

Kenny Wilson is the father of Gabi Wilson, or HER. He is an African-American born and raised in San Francisco Bay Area, California.

From one of HER interviews, she got her talent in singing and songwriting from her father.

Kenny was a member of a band called Urban Bushmen, where she frequently visited some gigs and tried to sing with them when the singer was just a child.

Kenny met her wife, Agnes, in the States and got married.

Gabi Wilson Siblings

It is reported that Gabi Wilson or HER has no siblings.

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