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Gabriel Bateman Parents: Tim Bateman, Jonelle Bateman, Siblings

Image of Gabriel Bateman

Gabriel Bateman is a rising actor in the United States. He was born on September 10, 2004, in Turlock, California. He is the last child out of the nine children that his parents have.

His parents’ names are Jonelle Bateman and Tim Bateman. Even though they came from a huge family, they remained close with their parents. Tim and Jonelle raised their kids according to their career paths.

Read the article below to know more details about Gabriel Bateman’s Parents.

Gabriel Bateman Parents’ Love life Image of Gabriel Bateman's family

Gabriel Bateman’s family

The parents of Gabriel are private people. They rarely put their information on social media. The actor also shares what is behind his personal life.

Multiple reports and searches try to find the energy behind the actor’s camera. But there’s still not enough information regarding his parents, how they met and when/where they got married.

Gabriel Bateman’s Mother, Jonelle Bateman Biography

Image of Gabriel Bateman's mother, Jonelle Bateman
Gabriel Bateman’s mother, Jonelle Bateman

The Lights Out actor’s mother is Jonelle Bateman. Personal details about the actor’s mother are limited. However, what we only know about her is that she was an actress known for George Biddle in CPA and Down Under in 2012.

Details about her early childhood and parents are not known. She remained silent behind her son’s fame throughout the years.

Gabriel Bateman’s Father, Tim Bateman Biography

Image of Gabriel Bateman's father, Tim Bateman
Gabriel Bateman’s father, Tim Bateman

According to much reliable research, Gabriel’s father is Tim Bateman. On August 25, 1955, Tim was born in Turlock, California, USA. He is the son of Arthur John Bateman, who lived from 1920 until 2006, while his mother is Nikki Elaine Matherly, who was born in 1919 and died in 2000.

Further details about his personal life are also not shared with the public. Once Gabriel shares more information about his father, we will surely update this article. 

Gabriel Bateman’s Siblings

Gabriel Bateman's siblings
Gabriel Bateman’s Siblings

Bateman has seven siblings, with him being the eighth child in his family. His siblings are Leah Bateman, Justin Bateman, Judah Bateman, Hannah Bateman, Noah Bateman, Alec Bateman, and Talitha Bateman. Most of his siblings are currently working in the entertainment industry.

They have been working hard to get into the limelight, and there is no doubt that even if they started young, the siblings maintained their goals. Out of the siblings working in television, Talitha Bateman and (Gabriel) are the most popular in the field.

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