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Gemma Chan Parents and Sibling Helen Chan

Image of Gemma Chan

In the movie “Crazy Rich Asians” the legendary Astrid is played by none other than the beautiful Gemma Chan.

The Oxford Law student who chose acting as her passion has dominated the screens in the past few years. So, who is Gemma Chan’s family? Read about her mother, father, and sister Helen Chan here.

Gemma Chan’s Mother

Image of Gemma Chan with her mother
The star with her mother

Gemma Chan’s mother is of Scottish and Chinese ancestry. Her mother was born in China and moved to Scottland. So, Gemma’s mother grew up in Scottland.

Although Gemma’s mother raised her in East England, they made sure to keep close ties to their Asian roots.

Her mother would speak both Chinese and English to her in their household when she was young.

Also, Gemma took Chinese reading and writing lessons every Sunday. So, Gemma is fluent in English and can speak a little Cantonese.

Also, Gemma says that her mother is her idea of beauty. She says that her mother had so many iconic hairstyles while growing up.

Hence, her mother had everything from perms to the Princess Diana haircut.

Additionally, Gemma’s mother has good taste in makeup as well. She would often wear lipgloss and blue eyeshadow.

Gemma Chan’s Father

Image of Gemma Chan with her parents
Gemma Chan with her parents

On the other hand, Gemma’s father was born in Macau. Then, he moved to Hong Kong, where he grew up.

Gemma says that her father had a crazy life before setting down. But when he met Gemma’s mother in Scottland, he chose to marry her.

Also, Gemma’s father went to college in Scottland, and that is how he met his future wife.

After, they settled down in London, where they had two children.

When Gemma decided to drop out of her Oxford Law internship, her parents were very disappointed.

Gemma’s parents did not talk to her for almost ninety days. This silence was because there were no Asian actors on television ten years ago.

So, her father had a hard time accepting that Gemma gave up law to be an actress. But now, they are on good terms.

Gemma Chan’s Sibling Helen Chan

The famous actress Gemma has a younger sister. Her sister, who is two years younger, is named Helen Chan.

Helen works as an associate director. She is in the Financial Public Relations at Buchanan.

Moreover, in April of 2016, Helen walked down the aisle to marry her now-husband Eric Born.

Additionally, when they got married, Helen was 31 years old, and Eric was 46 years old.

Also, Gemma attended the wedding as the maid of honor to her lovely sister.

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