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Gordon Ramsay Parents: Helen Cosgrove, Gordon Ramsay Sr., Siblings

Image of Gordon Ramsay

Many chefs worldwide are incredibly great at what they do but scary when they see you doing something wrong. Gordon James Ramsay is a celebrity chef, television actor, and author.

He owns many restaurants in the United States, and his restaurant crew named Gordon Ramsay Restaurants has received 16 Michelin stars. Gordon was born in Johnstone, Scotland, on November 8, 1966.

If you want to know more about the Wikipedia-type biography, identity, and love history of Gordon Ramsay’s mother, father, and siblings, keep reading this article because we have the details that you are looking for.

Gordon Ramsay Parents’ Love Life

Image of Grodon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay is an award-winning chef, a writer, a television personality, and a father.

The life of Gordon Ramsay was not easy, especially when he was still a child. He describes that it was tragic, and he does not want any child to experience the same situation that he had.

His mother was a victim of violence, and Gordon was one of its witnesses and his other siblings.

The love history of his parents was not magical but violent and did not revolve around the word “love.”

Gordon Ramsay’s Mother, Helen Cosgrove

Image of Gordon Ramsey with is mother, Helen Cosgrove
Gordon Ramsey with his mother, Helen Cosgrove

Helen Cosgrove was very loving to her children even though she suffered a lot from his husband.

Every time Gordon and his siblings would give her gifts, they would get destroyed as their father would punch them whenever he was drunk.

Helen was hospitalized because of the beating she experienced from Gordon’s father.

Gordon Ramsay’s Father, Gordon Ramsay Sr.

Gordon Ramsay Sr. never received any praise from his talented son, a world-renowned chef today.

Ramsay Sr. was born in Port Glasgow, Scotland, in 1942. The police took him away from his family for being violent and alcoholic.

He had a problem controlling his drinking and often lost his mind and beat his wife. Gordon Ramsay Jr. despised his father and said he would never do such things to his four children.

He also called his father someone who cannot be considered a role model to anyone who wants to have a family. He died in 1998 in Margate, Kent, England, United Kingdom.

Gordon Ramsay’s Siblings

The award-winning chef has four siblings. They are Diane Ramsay, who was born in 1965. Ronald Ramsay was born in 1968, and Yvonne Ramsay was born in 1970.

Ronnie became their family’s problem as he is still battling drug addiction and was jailed many times. Moreover, Yvonne Ramsay is currently working as a nurse and is working hard for her family. Diane Ramsay shared no details about her personal life.

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