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Grimes Parents: Sandy Garossino, Maurice Boucher, Siblings

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Image of grimes a canadian musician and singer

Vancouver elite Claire Elise Boucher, more commonly known as Grimes, has influenced the music industry.

Many are amazed by her strange looks and performances. Yet, how did she build herself, and what are her inspirations? Learn about her childhood and her parents, Sandy Garossino and Maurice Boucher.

Grimes’ Mother, Sandy Garossino

Image of grimes a song writer and record producer
A songwriter and record producer

Claire Elise Boucher, better known by her stage name “Grimes,” was born to Sandy Garossino on March 13, 1988.

Moreover, Sandy Garossino is a National Affairs Journalist in Canada’s National Observer. Also, she was a former Crown Prosecutor. Additionally, in her career in journalism, she has won the Canadian Online Publishing Association’s Award.

Now, Sandy Garrossino is living in Vancouver, Canada. She is married to Grimes’ step-father Ravi Sidhoo. Additionally, Ravi comes from a wealthy family.

He runs a big company in India. Moreover, he got the company he owns from his father.

Grimes’ Father, Maurice Boucher

Image of grimes, she released five studio albums in her career
She released five studio albums in her career

Maurice worked as a banker. Now, he has a high position at a biotechnology company. The company is called Renaissance Bioscience.

Moreover, her father would read her The Lord of The Rings every night before bed when she was very young.

Additionally, she says this built her personality growing up. But, Grimes says that her father was rigorous. Her father made her run laps every morning.

Also, her family was Roman Catholic, and she studied in a Catholic private academy. Yet, despite this, she is not a practicing Catholic.

Grimes’ Parents’ Love Story

Sandy Garossino and Maurice were married but have since broken up. Moreover, The reason for their divorce is not known. Yet, we know that Sandy Garossino has married again. Also, she is now with Ravi Sidhoo.

Grimes’ Siblings

Grimes has four siblings. She has two siblings, and the other two are only half-siblings. Additionally, she is the only daughter among four brothers. Moreover, The known brothers’ names are Mac Boucher, Daniel Boucher, and Jay Worthy.

Mac is working as a cinematographer. Also, he is close with his sister. Moreover, they have been close ever since they were young.

For instance, they would draw comics together while growing up. Additionally, they would also play around with recorders. Now, Mac works with Grimes in a lot of her videos.

Also, Jay is a musician like his sister. Additionally, Grimes and Jay have even made a music collaboration. The song they made together is on her album “Visions.”

Also, he is part of the musical duo “LNDN DRGS.” Additionally, he is currently living in California, United States.

Grimes’ Wikipedia – info 

NameClaire Elise Boucher
Stage NameGrimes
OccupationMusician and Singer
Date of birthMarch 17, 1988

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