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Hailey Kilgore Parents: Rebecca, Eric Kilgore, Siblings.

Hailey Frances Kilgore is a one-of-a-kind actress since she was nominated for a Tony Award at the young age of 19-years old. Indeed, her performance in the musical Once on This Island touched viewers and critics alike.

Since then, she has appeared in Into the Woods and Respect. Thus, theater lovers want to learn more about Hailey Kilgore’s siblings and family. So, here is all the information on her parents, Rebecca and Eric Kilgore.

Hailey Kilgore’s Parents’ Love Life

Image of Hailey Kilgore

Hailey Kilgore is an American actress and singer.

Did you know that Hailey Kilgore was adopted? Indeed, Rebecca and Eric were looking to adopt a child.

When Hailey’s biological mother gave birth to her, she immediately gave her up for adoption for reasons unknown.

So, the agency called them to let them know, and they immediately came to pick up Hailey.

However, the names and identities of her biological mother and father are unknown.

On the other hand, Hailey’s adoptive parents raised her in Oregon and encouraged her interests from an early age.

Likewise, when Hailey showed an interest in acting, they shared all their learnings with her and helped her grow as an actress.

Although, they prefer to keep their distance and allow Hailey to learn independently. Nevertheless, they continue to support and cheer her on from the sidelines.

Hailey Kilgore’s Mother, Rebecca

Rebecca Kilgore is the wife of Eric and mother of Respect star Hailey Kilgore. Additionally, Rebecca was an actress herself.

Furthermore, Rebecca always supported and cared for her daughter Hailey whenever she could— but she made sure to keep her space. For example, she helped Hailey move into her first apartment and then left when she was settled.

Hailey Kilgore’s Father, Eric Kilgore

Like his wife Rebecca, Eric Kilgore was also an actor in theater. Furthermore, he owned a theater company when his daughter was four years old.

Although both parents were former actors, they didn’t want to force their daughter to follow in their footsteps. Instead, they let Hailey decide whether she wants to become an actress or not.

Hailey Kilgore’s Siblings

According to most sources, Hailey Kilgore is the only child of Rebecca and Eric Kilgore. On the other hand, it is unknown if her biological parents had more children.

Nevertheless, the Once on This Island leading lady appears to have no siblings.

Hailey Kilgore’s Wikipedia – info

Full Name Hailey Frances Kilgore
Profession Actress
Date of Birth February 16, 1999
Place of Birth Humble, Texas, US
Age (2022) 23

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