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Halle Berry Parents: Judith Ann Hawkins, Jerome Jesse Berry, Siblings

Image of Halle Berry

Halle Maria Berry is an Oscar-winning actress from Cleveland, Ohio. A few of her famous movies include Bulworth, Flintstones, Catwoman, Bruised, Swordfish, Die Another Day, and Kingsman: The Golden Circle.

Halle has also received a couple of awards from the Golden Globe and Primetime Emmy for her outstanding performances.

Looking at her personal life, she has been married thrice in her lifetime; David Justice (1993-1997), Eric Benet (2001-2005), and Oliver Martinez (2013-2016). She was also dating Gabriel Aubrey in 2005, but the relationship ended in 2010.

Halle has two kids, and she is currently dating Van Hunt. Read ahead to explore facts about Halle Berry’s parents.

Halle Berry Parents Love Life (where they met, when they got married, love life)

Image of Halle Berry
Halle Berry in Hollywood 2019

Judith and Jerome ran into each other at a psychiatric hospital where they were both employed. Halle’s mother worked in the hospital as a nurse, whereas her father worked as an attendant.

They dated for a while and decided to tie their relationship through marriage in 1963. The couple was blessed with two daughters. Unfortunately, things took a different turn in their marriage, and they decided to get divorced in 1970 when Halle was four years old.

Halle Berry Mother Judith Ann Hawkins Biography

Image of Halle Berry with her mother, Judith Ann Hawkins
Halle Berry with her mother, Judith Ann Hawkins

Judith Ann Hawkins was born in April in the year 1939. The 83-year-old was taken to Earl Ellsworth Hawkins and Nellie Dicken. Judith was born in Liverpool, England, where she was brought up before she met her husband, and they decided to relocate to Cleveland, Ohio.

She has an American nationality but comes from an English ethnic background. Not much information is given on her education. Regarding her occupation, she is a retired nurse.

Judith met the supposed love of her life while working in the same psychiatric hospital, and they got married in 1963. They had two kids together.  However, her relationship took a turn when her husband started getting addicted to alcohol. She would receive beatings from her husband very often, leading to domestic abuse.

Judith eventually filed for a divorce, and they got legally separated in 1970. After that, she remained with the kids, and Jerome ceased to be part of their lives.

Judith has played the leading role in the upbringing of her children since then.

Halle Berry Father Jerome Jesse Berry Biography

Jerome Jesse Berry was born on the 7th of August 1934 in Clarksdale, Mississippi, United States of America. He was taken to Robert Berry and Cora Lee Powell. He has an American nationality with an African-American ethnic background. Not much information has been given regarding his education history.

However, Jerome first worked as a hospital attendant in a psychiatric hospital. Before he got married, he was in a relationship with Edwina Taylor, with whom they had a daughter.

Shortly after, they decided to break up, and Jerome eventually married Judith. After their marriage, they moved to Cleveland, becoming a bus driver.  Jerome had two kids with Judith. Unfortunately, he became an alcohol addict and was subjected to domestic violence against his wife, which led to their divorce in 1970.

Jerome never contacted his kids after his divorce, Halle stating that they never knew whether he was dead or alive. Jerome was later enrolled in a nursing home, where he received treatment for his ailment, Parkinson’s disease.

Unfortunately, he succumbed to this illness on the 24th of January 2003 in Ohio at 68.

Halle Berry’s Siblings

Halle Berry has two siblings. She has one biological sister, Heidi Berry, born in 1964. Her other sibling is a half-sister, Renee Berry, the daughter of her father’s former girlfriend, Edwina.

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