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Han Hyun Min Parents : Han Hye Jin and Awetairus, Siblings

Image of Han Hyun Min

Han Hyun Min is a Korean model and famous TV personality in Korea. Many mistook him for being a foreigner in his country for being dark-skinned and having curly hair.

But he’s a Korean citizen born from a Korean mother and an African father. His mother, Han Hye Jin, is a hands-on mother for the model, and as for his father, Awetairus is a supportive parent.

The model has a big family, him being the eldest, he has five younger siblings at home. Right now, Han Hyun Min is busy making many contracts with fashion brands and TV shows to help support his family. They are all now living in Itaewon, South Korea.

Read the article below to know more details about Han Hyun Min’s parents’ biography and love life. Also, read more about his five younger siblings right here.

Han Hyun Min’s Parents’ Love life

Image of Han Hyun Min
Han Hyun Min, a Korean Model

Hyun Min lives in a humble home. His mother and father are very supportive of his career, and they even share responsibility at home to take care of the model’s siblings.

Han Hyun Min’s parents, Han Hye Jin and Awetairus have no specific details on how they met and started their relationship. The only information gathered from the model’s interviews from various TV shows is that he was born and raised in Korea.

Han Hye Jin is a hands-on mother, and she even volunteered to translate things for his father whenever they’re needed to be spoken in Korena. There are no more details that surround the model’s parents.

Han Hyun Min’s Mother: Han Hye Jin Biography

Han Hyun Min’s age and birth are unknown, but only one piece of information confirmed to be the model’s mother: her birth location. Twenty-year-old model Han Hyun Min was born and raised at Cheongju North, Chungcheong province in South Korea.

During the model’s early career, her attitude towards him drastically changed compared to when Han Hyun Min was a student. She shouted the model’s name and even prepared little food whenever they ate.

But now, when he’s already a model and a successful personality star in Korea, Han Hye Jin prepares more food and talks to him calmly.

Details about her job, current life, and early childhood are still being researched.

Han Hyun Min’s Father: Awetairus Biography

Awetairus is the father of Han Hyun Min. He was a pure African citizen, migrated to Korea, and started a family. Awetairus is an English teacher and was a then-export trader in the country.

According to the model, his dad was taken to an asylum before. However, researchers can gather no more information about the model’s father.

Han Hyun Min’s Siblings

Han Hyun Min came from a huge family. Before, he was just an only child, and it took him a lot of patience to have siblings. He even asked his mother to conceive and give him more siblings to enjoy childhood.

As a result, the model and TV personality now have two younger sisters and three younger brothers, namely: Jude, Sheila, Amy, Amos, and the youngest, who is not named. Personal details about the siblings are not known.

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