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Hannah John Kamen Parents: Astri Hansen John Kamen, Johnny Kamen, Siblings

Image of Hannah John Kamen

Hannah John Kamen is an English actress known for her roles in Game of Thrones, Ready Player One, Ant-man, the Wasp, and Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

The 32-year-old was born and raised in a multiracial family. With her mother being a Norwegian and her father being a Nigerian, she learned to be diverse.

She remained humble no matter how she reached multiple successes in her career. In one of her interviews, the actress mentioned that she is blessed to have a supportive and loving family. She has two older siblings, who are already professionals in their field.

Her parents remained her number one fans throughout her career, and she’s ever grateful ever since.

Read the article below to know more about the actress’s parents: Astri Hansen John Kamen and Johnny John Kamen’s love life and biography.

Hannah John Kamen’s Parents’ Love Life

Image of Hannah John Kamen

Hannah John Kamen on Kicking butt 2012

The actress’s interviews show that her parents love and support her career. Many admired Hannah’s parents for being vocal whenever she achieved and landed huge acting deals to multiple entertainments.

However, there is no information about where and how the parents met. It seems that the actress has a great relationship with Astri and Johnny.

Hannah John Kamen’s Mother : Astri Hansen John Kamen

According to the 32-year-old actress, her mother, Astri, was a former fashion model in her time. She even found pictures of Astri when she was young.

Hannah was amazed at how beautiful her mother was during her photoshoots and hectic modeling career. Researchers can only gather little information about Hannah; according to reports, she came of Norwegian descent and met her husband, John Kamen, during her modeling career.

Hannah John Kamen’s Father: Johnny John Kamen

Johnny John Kamen is a Nigerian and a Forensic psychologist.

He is one of the actress’s best motivators in her life. She described her father as an intelligent and complex working man. Hannah also saw how dedicated her father is towards the family.

Ant-Man actress’ father remains humble no matter how successful he is in his field. Details about Johnny’s birthdate, location of birth, and personal information are not disclosed.

Hannah John Kamen’s Siblings

Hannah is the youngest among the three children of Johnny and Astri. They grew up in a multiracial home, where they learned to remain humble, kind, and think diversely about the community.

Hannah’s eldest sibling is her brother, who is already a musician; the actress described him as a very talented man while her sister, the middle child, is already a psychologist. Personal details like their name and their age are not known.

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