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Hannah Simone Parents: Naren Simone, Helen Simone, Siblings

Image of Hannah Simone a British-Canadian Actress and TV Host

Hannah Simone, a British-Canadian actress, a television host, and a talented VJ and fashion model to high fashion brands, has caught considerable attention worldwide.

Many consider Simone the adorable actress with her fringe hairstyle and bubbly character. She charmed more fans and poured more support into the actress.

Simone came from a multi-racial family, with his father being an Indian, whose name is Naren Simone, while her mother, Helen, is of German-Italian and Greek descent.

Simone’s features are exceptionally stunning. Though she now rarely works in TV shows, she still actively participates in some of her charitable works in the United Nations.

She fought for the human rights of refugees from different countries.

Hannah Simone was born on August 3, 1980. At a very young age of 13, she began working as a model, then at 16, her family moved to India, and she lived there for quite some time.

She studied at the New Delhi American Embassy. After a year, the Simone family moved to Canada and lived in Alberta.

Read the article below to know more details about Hannah Simone’s parents’ biography, love life, and career.

Hannah Simone’s Parents’ Love Life

Image of Hannah Simone

Hannah Simone is a British-Canadian actress, television host, and former VJ and fashion model.

The British-Canadian actress’s parents raised their daughter, Hannah, in Calgary. But before the actress was not in the industry, her parents moved their family from different continents.

Hannah was just 7 when they started moving from place to place.

The most intriguing part about Hannah Simone’s parents is that her father, Naren Simone, is an Indian who defied his own culture and married Helen (the actress’s mother) out of true love. Typically, Indian culture is strict.

According to the actress, she learned a lot about her parents, especially about a lifetime commitment.

Both of her parents have been living in Canada ever since they decided to settle in the country. The parents of the actress also have been supportive of her career and her other charity works.

Hannah Simone’s mother: Helen Simone

Image of Hannah Simone with her Mother

Hannah Simone with her Mother

There is little information about Hannah Simone’s mother. However, reports only know that Helene is a German-Italian and Greek Cypriot.

She has a healthy relationship with her children and supports them behind the camera.

The actress limits sharing information about her personal life, especially her parents, for security and privacy matters.

Hannah Simone’s father: Naren Simone

Image of Hannah Simone with her Father

Hannah Simone with her Father

Naren Simone is the father of the actress Hannah Simone. She was born in 1947 in India.

According to the actress’s speech dedication letter to her father, she admired Naren for being true to his beliefs.

Even though he came from a strict tradition, Naren defied the odds and pursued his dreams without the control and opinions of others.

The actress and Naren have a great relationship, just like Helene. He taught Hannah the unfortunate inequalities that her race experienced and the effect of gender inequalities in society.

It opened Hannah’s mind to dedicate her life not just on the screen but also to other organizations that help communities eradicate gender stereotypes, domestic abuse, and illegal trafficking.

Hannah Simone’s Siblings


The star is the eldest among two children of Naren and Helene. Her younger brother’s name is Zack Simone. Reporters gather no information about Hannah’s brother.

However, it is believed that Zack chose to remain private behind her sister’s fame.

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