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Hodgetwins Parents: Mother Christine Hodge, Siblings

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Hodgetwins' Parents, Mother Christine Hodge, Siblings

Keith and Kevin Hodge are famous for their stage name ‘Hodgetwins.’ They are American comedians, fitness experts, businessmen, and Youtubers with 2.3 million subscribers.

In some of their Youtube videos, the Hodgetwins share their conservative political commentaries. By sharing political views, in January 2019, the venue owner for their show tour in Tallahassee, Florida, was offended by the comedians’ behavior towards a transgender person who identifies herself as a woman.

Before two days of the show, they announced its cancellation in their Twitter account by stating that the owner didn’t like their political views. In defense of the venue owner, its general manager, Brian Johnson, claimed that they don’t tolerate transphobia as it is hateful and against their beliefs.

Furthermore, the article contains information about The Hodge family background, specifically Hodgetwin’s mother, Christine Hodge, and their father, and siblings.

Hodgetwins Parents Love Life

Christine Hodge and her husband started to build their family under poverty. The comedian twins don’t usually talk about their personal lives on social media, but they revealed that they used to shoplift to help their parents to provide for their daily needs.

American comedians and fitness experts, Hodgetwins
American comedians and fitness experts, Hodgetwins

The fans speculated that Hodgetwin’s parents are already separated, and they grew up together with their siblings during their father’s absence. When it’s their turn to become financially stable, Christine’s children take care of her as before when facing poverty.

Hodgetwins’ Father Biography

The Hodgetwins are mostly known for giving families and relationships advice. Their advice looks pretty heart-touching, but they never share their experiences on their childhood on Youtube, even the identity of his father. The speculations of the comedian twins’ absence during their formative years are somehow accurate by their family pictures without their father.

Hodgetwins’ Mother, Christine Hodge Biography

Christine Hodge is an African-American and a proud mother of Kevin and Keith Hodge. Like her twin son, Christine has a twin herself. As they experienced their success in life, the Youtubers and their siblings began to take care of their mom. On the 16th of September 2013, Christine Hodge passed away. The cause of death of the twin’s mother is kept in private to respect her relatives, especially her four children.

Hodgetwins with their mother, Christine Hodge
Hodgetwins with their mother, Christine Hodge

Hodgetwins Siblings

Besides the twins having each other’s back, Hodgetwins have an older sister, Rosalyn Hodge, and an older brother, Timmy Hodge, making them the youngest children of Christine Hodge. Both of their older siblings enjoy their private life behind cameras. Although Rosalyn and Timmy don’t involve themselves in showbiz and political issues like their twin brothers, they morally support them along with their mother.

Hodgetwins with their brother and sister
Hodgetwins with their brother, Timmy Hodge, and sister, Rosalyn Hodge

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