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Howard Stern Parents: Ray Schiffman, Ben Stern, Siblings

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Howard Stern Parents, Ray Schiffman, Ben Stern, Siblings

This hugely popular radio personality has once stopped a man from jumping off a bridge while on his show, The Howard Stern Show. Indeed, Howard is one of the most popular radio actors in the world and is a self-described “King of All Media” with his entrances into other formats.

Here is a deep dive into the lives of Howard Stern’s parents, Ray Schiffman and Ben Stern. Learn if the popular radio personality has any siblings.

Howard Stern Parents Love Life

Howard Stern’s parents married each other in May 1946 and had Howard in Queens, New York City. Then, they relocated to Roosevelt on Long Island. Ben had a relatively strained relationship with Howard when he was growing up.

Indeed, Howard said that Ben was distant and usually yelled at them. On the other hand, his relationship with his mother was better, though she suffered from depression most of her life, and it has reflected negatively on Howard. Nevertheless, both of them appeared on their son’s show and stayed married all the way up to the present.

Father Ben Stern

Ben Stern is of Jewish descent, and his family is originally from Poland. Likewise, he was born on July 11, 1923. Additionally, Ben was in the army.

Moreover, he primarily worked as a radio engineer for his career and has worked on the sets of King Leonardo and Go-Go-Gophers. Additionally, he has also worked on The Howard Stern Show together with his son. Ben is currently 98 years old and is still alive, though he has some health issues.

Howard stern with his father, Ben Stern
Howard stern along with his father, Ben Stern

Mother Ray Schiffman

Indeed, Howard’s mother, born Ray Schiffman, was originally working as a clerk in an office in New York City. Then, she took care of the household and raised Howard and his sister. Additionally, she suffers from depression which she says has gotten worse in her old age and the current state of the world.

Howard Stern's mother, Ray Schiffman
Howard Stern’s mother, Ray Schiffman

Howard Stern Siblings

Howard Stern has a sister called Ellen Stern, but there is very little information about her. Despite Howard putting his life in public, he rarely mentions his sister. However, she once worked in politics at a governor’s office and participated in charity work.

Additionally, she is a photographer and loves to shoot landscapes.

Howard stern and his sister, Ellen Stern
Howard Stern and his sister, Ellen Stern

Quick Facts

Full NameHoward Allan Stern
Date of BirthJanuary 12, 1954
ProfessionRadio and actor
Place of BirthNew York City, US
Age (2022)68
Relationship StatusBeth Ostrosky
ChildrenThree children

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