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Howard Stern Parents: Ray Stern, Ben Stern, Siblings

Image of Howard Stern

Howard Allan Stern, also known as Howard Stern, is an American radio, TV personality, comedian, and author of several books.

Stern was born on January 12, 1954, in New York City. During the 90s, Howard created his fame through the creative execution of his work in the radio broadcasting field.

Though many know him as a punk-rock and incredible chic personality, he remained true to his work ethic and provided entertainment through radio.

Stern was a graduate of Boston University with a degree in Communication.

After landing his first job, even as a student, he remained dedicated to both school and work.

The juggling of responsibilities helped him manage his time wisely while at the same time enjoying what he did.

Stern was named the King of all media because of his talented skills in entertainment and broadcast.

With his hard work, the King of all media won several awards in the industry, like Billboard’s Nationally Syndicated Air Personality of the Year for eight consecutive years.

Howard’s experiences led to more contracts and higher monetary value for his talent.

Stern is one of the highest-paid radio personalities globally, with him having signed an agreement worth 500 million dollars to host on radio.

He is the only son of two children of, Ray and Ben Stern. The family of Howard had its ups and downs, but initially, it was Howard’s parents that made him pursue this career and have been flourishing ever since.

Read the article below to know more details about Howard Stern’s parents’ love life, career, and biography.

Howard Stern’s Parents’ love life

Image of Howard Stern with his parents, Ray and Ben Stern
Howard Stern with his parents, Ray and Ben Stern

No matter how public Howard’s life was throughout his career, details about his parents are still limited.

But through thorough research, it is found that Howard Stern grew up in a Jewish family.

Both his parents, Ray and Ben, are Polish with an Austrian and Hungarian ethnicity.

Ray and Ben Stern were married on May 19, 1946. Information about how and what led them to meet is not known; however, the couple is already married for more than seventy years.

After getting married, the couple moved to Roosevelt, New York, in 1955.

Both of Howard’s parents raised him and his sister, Ellen, in New York, and he has been living in the city since then.

Howard Stern’s mother: Ray Stern

Image of Howard Stern with his mother, Ray Stern
Howard Stern with his mother, Ray Stern

Ray Stern is the mother of the famous radio personality Howard Stern.

On October 22, 1927, she was born, and Ray is 94 years old. Howard’s mother used to work as an office clerk in New York and then transferred into the medical world, and Ray also worked as an inhalation therapist.

Howard let his mother work with him as she grew old in his radio shows. It has been an excellent opportunity for the mother-son relationship to progress.

Ray married Ben Stern on May 19, 1946, and the couple has been married happily.

Howard Stern’s father: Ben Stern


The star’s father is Ben Stern. Born on July 11, 1923, and was raised on Long Island and then moved to California.

He has been married to Ray for more than 70 years. Ben worked as a radio engineer and was a member of the US Army.

Ben is a great father to Howard, and he was the reason Howard started his love for doing radio.

As a child, he remembered that his father, Ben, used to help him fix a microphone and gave him a tape machine and turntable to record his first broadcast.

As Howard grew, there were times that the father-son relationship was complex and had multiple arguments.

But as years passed by, they tried to fix things and began to work side by side. Ben has appeared on Howard’s radio shows since the 90s.

Howard Stern’s siblings

According to reports, Howard Stern is close with his only sibling, Ellen Stern. He admitted in an interview that Ellen is the complete opposite of him.

If Howard is considered the chatty one, Ellen is the introverted person and remains quiet primarily the whole time.

Personal details about Ellen Stern are not shared with the public.

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