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Jack Black Parents: Judith Love Cohen, Thomas William Black. Siblings

Image of Jack Black in The Art of Elysium's 13th Annual Celebration

Thomas Jacob Black is a famous American actor, singer-songwriter, comedian, and YouTuber. His work includes films and shows such as Life Goes On, Air Borne, High Fidelity, School of Rock, Gulliver’s Travel, Kung Fu Panda, and Community.

An interesting fact to know is that he was awarded his own Hollywood Walk of Fame star in 2018. Aside from acting, Jack is also part of a rock band with his mate Kyle Glass called Tenacious D, and they have released numerous albums like Rize of the Fenix, Post-Apocalypto, and The Pick of Destiny.

He has worked with popular brands like Meat Loaf, Probot, Foo Fighters, and Eagles of Death Metal in the music industry. He also opened a YouTube channel, Jablinski Games, where he does vlogs with his sons and posts many gaming contents.

Keep reading to know more about Jack Black’s parents, their love life, and children.

Jack Black’s Parents Love Life

Not much information has been given on the exact place and timeline that Judith and Thomas met.

However, she was previously married to Bernard Siegel, and they had three kids together. After their separation, Judith met Thomas, they dated for a while, and they decided to get married in the mid-1960s.

Together, the couple was blessed with a son, Jack Black, in 1969. Unfortunately, this relationship did not last very long as the two lovebirds decided to get divorced in the late-1970s.

They both went their separate ways, and Judith married yet another person.

Jack Black’s Mother Judith Love Cohen Biography

Image of Jack Black with his mother, Judith Love Cohen

Jack Black with his mother, Judith Love Cohen

Judith Love Cohen was a famous American aerospace engineer. On the 16th of August 1933 in Brooklyn, New York, United States of America.

She was born to Morris Bernard Cohen and Sarah Cohen and has a Russian-Jewish ethnicity. Looking at her educational background, Judith got enrolled through a scholarship into Brooklyn College, where she went to study engineering for two years.

Judith was also a ballet dancer at Metropolitan Opera Ballet Company, New York. Unfortunately, she had to stop ballet dancing from focusing more on her engineering studies.

During the time that she was studying in Brooklyn, Judith met with her first husband, Bernard Siegel, with whom she got married to and had three kids together.

Judith also went to USC Viterbi School of Engineering, where she graduated with her bachelor’s degree (1957) and master’s degree (1962). She is also a graduate of the UCLA Engineering Executive Program.

Regarding her occupation, Judith has worked with North American Aviation as a junior engineer and USC as an Astronautical Engineering Advisory board member.

She gained the most popularity and recognition during her time at Space Technology Laboratories when she took part in creating the Abort-Guidance System in the Apollo Lunar Module for the Apollo 13 mission.

Apart from being an engineer, Judith is also an author and has published two-book series, and You Can Be a Woman and Green series, together with her third husband, David Katz. Judith has been married thrice in her lifetime.

Her first husband was Bernard, the second was Thomas, and finally her last husband, David. However, she succumbed to cancer on the 25th of July 2016 in Culver City, California, United States.

Jack Black’s Father Thomas William Black Biography

Image of Jack Black with his father, Thomas William Black

Jack Black with his father, Thomas William Black

Thomas William Black is also a former aerospace engineer. Both he and his wife had a passion and interest in science. He likes to keep a low profile and thus not much information is given about his birth date and educational background.

Thomas has an American nationality and a British-German ethnic background. Regarding his occupation, Thomas worked as an engineer at the Hubble Space Telescope together with his wife, Judith.

Thomas got married to Judith in the mid-1960s and had a child together, Jack Black. However, their marriage had a turn of events, and they decided to get separated in 1979 when Jack was only ten years old.

 Thomas still makes sure he shows love and support to his child and even attends some of his movie premieres despite the separations.

Jack Black’s Siblings

Image of Jack Black's mother, Judith Love Cohen, with his brother, Niel Siegel

Jack Black’s mother, Judith Love Cohen, with his brother, Neil Siegel

Jack was brought up with three half-siblings from his mother’s marriage. He was the sole child born to his biological parents.

Jack’s half-brothers are Neil Siegel, Howard Siegel, and Rachel Siegel. His brother, Neil, took after their mother’s interest in science and is an engineer, computer scientist, and a professor at Samueli School of Engineering.

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