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Jack Flaherty Parents: Eileen Flaherty. Siblings, Grady Flaherty.

Image of Jack Flaherty

Since his debut in the Major League Baseball Association, the iconic baseball star, Jack Flaherty, has attracted many curious eyes since his debut in the Major League Baseball association in 2017.

The pitcher for St. Louis Cardinals identifies as biracial ethnicity and supports the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Moreover, at only 26 years old, he is well respected within the sports community, according to his agent Ryan.

So, who are the parents behind this strong and talented person? Read more about Jack Flaherty’s parents Eileen Flaherty and his father.

Jack Flaherty’s Mother, Eileen Flaherty


Jack was adopted when he was very young. But he was adopted at only three weeks old when his mother embraced him. Hence, he does not know his birth parents or where they are now.

Moreover, Eileen Flaherty was born on September 19 in the United States. Also, she is an American citizen and raised Jack in Burbank, California. Additionally, she is a religious woman and raised her children practicing the Christian faith. Also, they regularly go to church and attend mass.

Also, Jack is very close with his mother, Eileen, and even calls himself a momma’s boy. Additionally, his mother is a good cook and baker because Jack once tweeted, “If you’ve never had one of my mom’s brownies, just know they are the best.” Jack is also seen giving his mother a big hug after each game.

Jack Flaherty’s Father

 Jack Flaherty with his father

The star with his father

Jack Flaherty is not connected to his birth father since he is adopted. Moreover, Eileen raised Jack and his brother as a single mother.

Yet, she raised her sons very well, and they are pleased and prosperous today.

Jack Flaherty’s Sibling, Grady Flaherty


The player has one younger brother named Grady Flaherty. Furthermore, he celebrates his birthday on January 18, and he is five years younger than his brother Jack. Additionally, Grady is now 22 years old.

Moreover, Grady is very close to their mother, Eileen. It is assumed that he is also adopted, like his brother Jack.

Also, it seems that Jack and Grady are close because they grew up together.

This year on Grady’s birthday, Eileen tweeted, “Happy, amazing 22nd bday to the fabulous Grady Flaherty!

You’ve brought laughter, kindness & immense joy to the family from the moment you were born!” along with a picture of Eileen and Grady.

Jack Flaherty’s Wikipedia – info

Name Jack Rafe Flaherty
Age 26 years old (as of 2022)
Occupation Major League Baseball Player
Date of Birth October 15, 1995

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