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James Earl Jones Parents: Ruth Connolly, Robert Earl Jones, Siblings

Image of James Earl Jones

Versatility is one of the components that producers are looking for in an artist, and it is hard to find it in celebrities today. James Earl Jones is one of the artists before named one of the most versatile actors for TV shows, theater performances, and movies.

He earned multiple awards, including Oscars, Emmy, Grammy, and Tony. He was born in Arkabutla, Mississippi, on January 17, 1931.

If you want to know more about the Wikipedia-type biography and love life of James Jones’ mother, father, and siblings, keep reading this article because we have all the information you need!

James Earl Jones’ Parents Love Life

James’ parents did not share much information about the history of Robert Earl Jones and Ruth Connolly, but it was said that Robert was still young when he decided to tie the knot with Ruth.

The father of the actor left his wife to pursue a career in the showbiz industry and, later on, in boxing. They decided to end their marriage through a divorce in 1933.

He did not know about the pregnancy of Ruth with James, and he just discovered it back in the 1950s.

James Earl Jones’ Mother, Ruth Connolly

Image of James Earl Jones with his mother, Ruth Connolly Whois
James Earl Jones with his mother, Ruth Connolly Whois

Ruth Connolly, unlike her ex-husband, kept her private life in a lowkey way. Little information was known about the mother of James. No exact birthdate was revealed about Ruth, but it was claimed that she was born around 1911. After taking care of her family for a long time, she died in 1986.

James Earl Jones’ Father, Robert Earl Jones

Image of James Earl Jones' father, Robert Earl Jones
James Jones’ father, Robert Earl Jones

Robert Earl Jones is a recognized individual from the Harlem Renaissance, and he is also a professional boxing player. He was born in Senatobia, Mississippi, on February 3, 1910. Robert did not have an easy life when he was still a child.

He had to work at a young age to earn money for his family and himself. The father of the multi-talented actor also had the same career path. Indeed, the Jones family is full of talented individuals.

James Jones’ Siblings

Matthew Earl Jones is the brother of the versatile actor. He was born in New York City but his birthday is still not revealed on social media platforms or media outlets. Matthew has done films that became popular, including Thor’s Hammer, Finding McQueen, and Step Up to the Microphone. Sources claimed that he has over 30 years of experience in filmography and production.

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