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James Franklin Parents: Jocelyn Franklin, James Franklin, Siblings

We have seen celebrities and athletes featured on many sites. How about we tell you the story of a former player turned coach?

James Geoffrey Franklin was a well-known quarterback during his teenage days and had set school records seven times.

Franklin was born in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, on February 2, 1972, and is 50 years old. He enrolled in the East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania, where he successfully got a Bachelor’s degree in psychology.

If you want to know more about the details of James Franklin, keep reading this article because we have all the information you need regarding the Wikipedia-like biography, identities, and love life of his parents and siblings.

James Franklin’s Parents Love Life

Image of James Franklin
James Franklin is an American football coach and former player who is currently the head football coach at Penn State University.

The family of American football coach did not share information about the love history of his parents.

There is also no news about his parents’ whereabouts; the only information available on social media platforms is their names.

His parents’ names are Jocelyn Franklin and James Franklin. Our team will try to update this article once there is available information regarding the love history of the football coach’s parents.

James Franklin’s Mother, Jocelyn Franklin

The family wanted to keep a lowkey life as they have shared little-to-no information about themselves.

Even the mother of the famous coach did not want to reveal her personal information.

However, fans claim that Jocelyn raised her son with love and care as he is kind to his players and shows compassion whenever his players raise concerns regarding the game or their personal lives.

Our team will perform in-depth research about the mother of the American coach and will try to update this article once we find relevant information about her.

James Franklin’s Father, James Franklin

James did not want to be in the spotlight and kept his personal information to himself as his wife.

Media outlets have no information regarding the whereabouts of the coach’s father, if he is still together with his wife or if he remarried another woman.

However, his son, James Franklin, has been labeled as Penn State’s fantastic recruiter.

Sources claim that he has gotten the passion from his father, but there is no confirmation.

We will try to look for information about the father of the former player and will update this article whenever there is more available information about his father.

James Franklin’s Siblings

The amazing recruiter has one sibling named Debra Sharpe. Debra has not shared any personal information about herself and does not want to be in the limelight, unlike his brother, a famous coach.

In a statement in 2016, Debra shared how hard it was for her to lose her husband, Jim.

However, like any other person, Debra needed to continue her life without his partner.

We will update this article once Debra opens up about her life and shares more information about her biography.

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