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James Franklin Parents: Jocelyn Franklin, James Oliver, Siblings.

Image of James Franklin

James Geoffrey Franklin is a university-level coach for American football. First, he coached at Vanderbilt University for two years, starting in 2011.

Then he is now at Penn State University doing the same job. He also played American football in the quarterback position when he was a student.

Fans of the NFL are wondering more about the coach’s family background and history.

So, here are all the details on James Franklin’s siblings and parents, Jocelyn Franklin and James Oliver, in this article below.

James Franklin’s Parents’ Love Life

Image of James Franklin

James Franklin is an American football coach and former player who is currently the head football coach at Penn State University.

How did James Franklin’s parents first meet? James Oliver in the US Air Force and then his superiors assigned to him are based in Manchester, England.

This is how they met each other since Joleyn was from England.

Then, they fell in love and decided to elope to Ireland and get married. Afterward, they moved to Pittsburgh.

However, Oliver found a job in Trenton, New Jersey, so they moved again.

Furthermore, they had their two children, Debbie and James, in Pennsylvania. However, Jovelyn and James divorced, and his father was out of the picture.

Thus, Jocelyn had to raise her children as a single mother with the help of some family members.

James Franklin’s Mother, Jocelyn Franklin

Jocelyn is the mother of James Franklin, and she usually goes by “Josie.” Moreover, she is from England, and according to her son, she is an excellent cook.

He is very proud to have his friends and teammates over at his house for a meal since Josie was an excellent cook.

Thus, they would be surprised to be served unique dishes since they expected typical British fish n’ chips.

James Franklin’s Father, James Oliver

James Oliver is of African-American heritage and was in the United States military. Specifically, he was assigned to the Air Force and was currently based in Manchester, England.

After moving to Pittsburgh, James secured a job at General Motors and moved again to another town.

However, they divorced when their children were young, and James did not have any connection with his family.

James Franklin’s Siblings

Moreover, according to the sources, James Franklin has an elder sister named Debbie.

Furthermore, they were raised together by their single mother, Josie.

James Franklin’s Wikipedia – info

Full Name James Geoffrey Franklin
Date of Birth February 2, 1972
Place of Birth Langhorne, Pennsylvania
Age (2022) 50
Profession American football coach
Relationship Status Married
Spouse Fumi
Children Two daughters

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