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Jamie Foxx Parents: Louise Annett Talley Dixon, Darrell Bishop, Siblings

Image of Jamie Foxx is an American actor, comedian, and singer.

Eric Marlon Bishop, also known as Jamie Foxx, rose to fame after showing his talent for making people laugh. He is a skillful actor, comedian, and singer.

He is still active in the showbiz industry and earned several awards, including Screen Actors Guild Award, Golden Globe Award, Academy Award, Critics’ Movie Choice Award, and BAFTA. Foxx was born in Terell, Texa, US, on December 13, 1967.

Read this article to know more details about the Wikipedia-like biography, names, and love history of Jamie Foxx’s mother, father, and siblings.

Jamie Foxx Parents Love Life

Details of the relationship of Foxx’s parents were not revealed on social media platforms or media outlets, but it was said that he was abandoned by his mother when he was young.

One time, the actor revealed that he was still living with his parents, who got divorced in the same house.

Jamie thinks it was awkward when his dad brought dates into the place, and his mom would see it and get frustrated.

Jamie Foxx’s Mother, Louise Annette Talley Dixon

Image of Jamie Foxx's Mother Louise Annett Talley Dixon
Jamie Foxx’s Mother, Louise Annett Talley Dixon

Louise Annette Talley Dixon is the mother of the award-winning actor. There were no personal details about Louise.

However, there were rumors in the past that Jamie did not know his mother, and the actor confirmed it. Louise left Jamie when he was seven months old because of personal problems.

After Jamie tracked his birth mother for many years, he finally found her, and now they are living in the same house and can reconnect with each other.

Jamie Foxx’s Father, Darrell Bishop

Image of Jamie Foxx with his father
Jamie Foxx with his father, Darrel Bishop

During an interview, Jamie got emotional while describing the project that he was included in because it reflects a similar story in his life.

Darrel Bishop is the birth father of the comedian. Darrell was put in jail because authorities found illegal substances in his home.

Jamie stated that he saw his father as a king, but he could not visit him in prison for unknown reasons.

However, he was able to write him a letter saying that he has a good life now and he would save Darrell when he gets out of prison.

Jamie Foxx’s Siblings

Jamie has two siblings. They are Deidra Dixon and Deondra Dixon.

The Emmy award winner cares about his family a lot, and he would do anything to protect them.

Unfortunately, Deondra died at the age of 36, and the actor was deeply devastated by the happening.

He adored Deondra so much that he described her as a person who could make your day happy.

On the other hand, Deidra Dixon followed her brother by entering Hollywood, but she did not pursue being an actress. She is a make-up artist.

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