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Jasmine Camacho Quinn Parents: Maria Milagros Camacho, James Quinn, Siblings

Image of Jasmine Camacho Quinn

Jasmine Camacho Quinn is a famous Puerto Rican athlete who majors in track and field sports competitions, specifically the 100 meters hurdles.

On the 21st of August in 1996 in Charleston, South Carolina. Jasmine has won gold medals in the Olympics and the NACAC Under-23 Championship. She is the fourth fastest person under the 100-meter hurdles race with a personal best record of 12.26 seconds. Let us now find out more about her parents and siblings.

Read more about Jasmine Camacho’s parents, their love life, and their children here on the inside scoop we have for you!

Jasmine Camacho Quinn Parents Love Life (where they met, when they got married, love life)

Image of Jasmine Camacho Quinn
Jasmine Camacho Quinn, a Puerto Rican track and field athlete

Both Maria and James were athletes, and they first met in Baptist College, South Carolina. Maria was both a sprint runner and a long jumper, whereas James was a hurdles racer.

Their love relationship sparked since then, and they decided to get married and were blessed with two children, a daughter and a son. Not much information is given on the year that they got married.

Jasmine Camacho Quinn Mother Maria Milagros Camacho Biography

Image of Jasmine Camacho Quinn with her mother, Maria Milagros
Jasmine Camacho Quinn with her mother, Maria Milagros

Maria Milagros Camacho was born around the 1930s in Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico. Her exact birth date is not known. Maria was born to parents Francisca Alvarez De Camacho and Juan Camacho.

She also had two siblings, Carmen and Narda Camacho. Maria was brought up in a family that was passionate about athletics. She studied at Baptist College, South Carolina, where she participated in sprint running and long jump competitions. Her ethnicity is Puerto Rican.

Maria is why Jasmine represents Puerto Rica in competitions since she is a nationalist in that country. She met with James in college, from where their relationship began. They dated for a while, got married, and were blessed with two kids.

Jasmine Camacho Quinn Father James Quinn Biography

James Quinn’s birth date and the place are not known. However, he comes from a mixed ethnic background of African-American. James also comes from an athletics-passionate family.

He took part in hurdles while studying at the Baptist College in South Carolina. He specifically competed in the 110-meter hurdles race.

Here is also where he met the love of his life, Maria Milagros Camacho, who got married and got children. James has been coaching Jasmine for her entire childhood. Jasmine states that he is her inspiration.

Jasmine Camacho’s Siblings

Jasmine was born in four, which included her parents and her older brother, Robert Quinn. Robert is an American football outside linebacker born on the 18th of May in 1990. He plays for the Chicago Bears in the National Football League competitions.

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