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Jasmine Guy: Jaye Rudolph, Reverend William Vincent Guy, Siblings.

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Image of Jasmine Guy

Jasmine Guy is a talented star. She has been in many movies and series, proving that she is a veteran actress.

The actress/songwriter is famous for her role in a Different World; she even appeared in Grey’s Anatomy. Moreover, she has a talent for dancing and singing. Now that you know Jasmine, do you know her parents? If not, keep scrolling through this article to get to know her parents, William Vincent Guy and Jaye Rudolph.

Jasmine Guy’s Parents Love Life.

Image of Jasmine Guy

Jasmine Guy, an American actress, director, singer and dancer.

Jasmine Guy’s parents are Jaye Rudolph and William Vincent Guy.

Unfortunately, the story of how and when they met is unavailable. There is also no information about where they first met.

Moreover, the actress does not share too much about her parents. There are also no available photos and information about her mom and dad on her social media platforms.

Furthermore, Jaye and William’s current activities are unknown. Additionally, Jaye and William have two amazing daughters. They raised their daughters well and never failed to teach them to be good.

Jasmine Guy’s Father Wiliam Vincent Guy Biography

William Vincent guy is African-American. Moreover, his birthday and early details are unavailable for the public to know.

Furthermore, he used to be a pastor for the Historic Friendship Baptist Church. Aside from being a pastor, William is also an educator for college, which focuses on Philosophy.

Unfortunately, there is no available information on William’s recent activity. Furthermore, William never fails to teach and guide his daughters as they grow up. He even let one of his daughters sing at church.

Jasmine Guy’s Mother Jaye Rudolph Biography

Jasmine’s mother is Jaye Rudolph. Jaye is of Portuguese and American descent. Moreover, Jasmine’s mother worked as a teacher for High School students. Unfortunately, Jaye’s birthday and other information are unavailable. It looks as if she is trying to keep herself away from the eyes of the public.

Jasmine Guy’s Siblings

Image of Jasmine Guy with her sister, Monica Guy

Jasmine Guy with her sister, Monica Guy

The singer has one sister Monica Guy. Much like her sister, Monica is also an actress.

Furthermore, Monica even became a stand-in for her sister during the filming of A Different World.

In addition, the singer and her sister could easily be called twins. Despite their age gaps, they look so alike that people ask if they are identical twins.

Jasmine Guy’s Wikipedia – info

  • Full Name: Jasmine Guy
  • Date of Birth: March 10, 1962
  • Profession: Singer and Actress
  • Age (2022): 59 years old
  • Parents: William Vincent Guy and Jaye Rudolph
  • Siblings: Monica Guy


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